Tracking PixelWe’ve got a few tips up our sleeve for maintaining that shiny, voluminous, great hair after baby and are sharing them in this sponsored post in partnership with John Frieda® Hair Care. John Frieda® Brilliant Brunette® Visibly Brighter and Visibly Deeper Collection can be found at Walmart.7 Secrets You Need to Know for Maintaining Great Hair After Baby (or anytime!)

I think it’s a widely known fact that hair during pregnancy (usually) ends up full and voluminous, with shine that makes you feel great. And though that’s not always the case, it is still pretty common. Even with this last pregnancy of mine, my hair didn’t start out that way, in fact, in the first trimester it looked worse, but as I started to feel better and could keep food down, I noticed the change. More shine, more volume and it was growing!

I’m writing this post to share what I’m doing now, at home, on very little sleep and time, to keep my hair as healthy, whole, shiny and voluminous as can be! I was loving the length and fullness of my hair and so I’ve been doing a few things to try and keep that going. And so far, I haven’t had an insane amount of hair loss… fingers crossed. Secret Weapons for Maintaining Great Hair After Baby (or anytime!) Secret Weapons for Maintaining Great Hair After Baby (or anytime!)Secret Weapons for Maintaining Great Hair After Baby (or anytime!) Secret Weapons for Maintaining Great Hair After Baby (or anytime!)

Today I’m sharing my Top Secret Weapons for Maintaining Great Hair After Baby (that can be used anytime!)

Keep up the vitamins.

Just one of the reasons hair becomes so gorg during pregnancy is because of all of the vitamins… so keep taking them! Especially if you’re nursing, you still should anyway. Keep popping those prenatal vitamins and fish oils to keep glowing hair, skin and nails post-natal as well. I take a prenatal vitamin every day along with omega 3 fish oil capsules, sometimes aloe and usually a probiotic as well.

Trim it on the cheap… at home.

We all know that split-ends are a no-no for healthy, growing hair, and I’m not recommending a full DIY trim. It doesn’t replace a good in-salon trim, but it’s great when I’m stretching out those visits FAR beyond two months. Basically, you slide a section of hair through three fingers, with the hair sliding over the middle finger and under the first and third, and the hairs that pop out get a little trim. It helps remove the nasty ends, and still keeps the length of your hair while you wait to get to the salon, which doesn’t usually rate at the top of the priority list when you’re just grateful for a quick shower to get all the spit up off of you. Just this past week Chris walked into the bathroom and caught me with a pair of scissors and a sink full of trimmings. It was a little surprise. Once he made sure I wasn’t emotional and doing something crazy, I was able to explain my DIY trick 😉

Give your hair a break.

This is something I’ve lived by for a long time now, not just during or post pregnancy… but all hair needs a break from the styling, the pulling, the hot tools and the fuss. Every other week or so, when I know I don’t have a photo shoot or meeting for a couple of days, I’ll give my hair a break. For me, that means I get to embrace the curl, and in our humid Florida weather, that usually means I get to embrace the fuzz as well. Many times, I’ll rub just a bit of extra coconut oil in my hair, even up to a few times a day as my hair soaks it up (especially the ends, that’s where I start), and then put it in a bun and go. This break allows my hair to breathe from all the other product and just have a general rest from any heat or stress. We all could use some of that in our lives, right?

Get a massage.

Scalp massage is SO great for your hair. What better time than after having a baby to get a massage OR to commission your husband to rub your head for a few minutes each night. Besides your hair’s benefit, it will help relax you and your body for a good night’s sleep, er, I mean a good two-hour sleep 😉 Want to boost the results even more? Heat up some oil (coconut or almond oil works great for this, as well as hot oil treatments), and add it to a scalp massage. 

Secret Weapons for Maintaining Great Hair After Baby (or anytime!)

Color + treat at home, in one.

When you wash, make it count! Since I haven’t been making a salon visit a priority as of late, that doesn’t mean I don’t want to take care of my hair, so on top of the at home split-end DIY, I’m taking care of color at home as well. I’m not the type to go to a box for dramatic hair color or change, so I wanted to try the John Frieda® Brilliant Brunette® Visibly Deeper™ collection that was released at the beginning of the year because these products are non-damaging and provide subtle change so it’s a fun way to try a new shade without concern or commitment! I went to my natural, darker color a while ago, and so I wanted to infuse more rich tones and deepen that color right in my shower (and ahem, I found a couple of gray hairs in the past two weeks and tried to not freak out!!). I wanted something that creates a deeper and richer color, and with Brilliant Brunette® Visibly Deeper™ Color Deepening Treatment I got a surge of deep, rich hues in just five minutes! I’ll continue to use the shampoo and conditioner from the collection for continued subtle results. Something I’ve turned to John Frieda® Hair Care for before is their serum to add shine and combat frizz, so I was impressed to see with only one use of their Brilliant Brunette® Visibly Deeper™ collection it boosted color, but it didn’t give me that “just colored your hair in the bathroom” one-dimensional look, it was an infusion of rich hues that added layer and dimension to my own hair color and texture.

Also available is the John Frieda® Brilliant Brunette® Visibly Brighter™ Collection, which helps give hair a natural-looking sun kissed glow. It gradually brightens without brassiness and takes brunette hair in a warmer, more golden direction. Even if you want to use it to extend the look of your in salon treatment… I’m kind of obsessed with the results these deliver, and it totally saves money since both are an easy, at-home solution that can be ordered right along with diapers at Walmart. 😉

Secret Weapons for Maintaining Great Hair After Baby (or anytime!)Secret Weapons for Maintaining Great Hair After Baby (or anytime!) Secret Weapons for Maintaining Great Hair After Baby (or anytime!)

Stay hydrated.

While keeping your scalp and hair follicles hydrated, drinking water also helps to process and flush out toxins faster, which will also help your hair to grow faster. On top of that, not only will your body feel stronger and healthier, your hair will as well. Since I’m breastfeeding, this is something I’m working at anyway, so this hair bonus is just icing for me.  

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