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Each period of life brings it’s own ebb and flow. This one for us, this spring, has us celebrating new life as well as the loss of a life we love dearly. This weekend while friends surrounded me with love and hugs and support in celebration of this sweet, growing bump, tears fell both in rejoicing over her and also in mourning. With every exhale of the sadness we naturally feel in missing him, missing the man and the life he had here with us, a little kick or nudge in my belly would serve as a reminder of a little one just waiting to live life with us. A little one who will not have the chance to meet her grandfather, but will most definitely know who he was. A little girl who will never have the memory of sitting on his lap, but will learn and grow into the beautiful legacy that he left.Quiet Power of the Ocean

There is always something about the effortless power of the ocean that reminds me to live bravely and love deeply. That is something I will always hold dear about the man who raised my husband to live this way. The man that taught the father of my children how to play with his kids and love them passionately. The man who showed my husband how to love one women and treat her as precious. The man who lived bravely and didn’t care what others thought, only that he was doing the right thing, the good thing, the Godly thing. Separated by miles between us and our families, but held together by oceans of love, we said good-bye to the father of the man I cherish. To know he is healthy, happy, pain-free and rejoicing right now is what brings a smile to our faces even through the tears.

My prayer is that this spring, we rejoice and celebrate new life, along with rejoicing and celebrating life that is already well lived. So spring, hello, and welcome.Hello Spring Tech Treat FREE Background Download from FreshMommyBlog to put a little spring in all your devices!

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PS. For every sweet friend and prayer, text, message, hug and act of kindness that was showered on us this weekend, we are so grateful. It means more to us than words can say.