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I’m not sure if it’s a mix of the upcoming winter season or the fact that I’m about to be traveling for the rest of this month, but lately I’ve been in complete hibernation mode. Yes, I make it out of the house for our daily necessities, like the kids martial arts classes, groceries, church, scheduled meetings, etc… although I think if I could have lived in my pajamas or a robe for the entire past week I would have. We’ve been enjoying our home time with afternoon baths (along with Skylar’s obsession with lotion) and cuddles, good food, movies and games and though I can’t explain what’s spawned this desire for soaking up and taking in every breath of home life, but I’ll take it. Hibernating it is.Bath time Bath and lotion time

“The simple things are also the most extraordinary things, and only the wise can see them.” ~Paulo Coelho

I’ve noticed the ebb and flow of our life and days brings times of busy and accomplishment and also the sweet and simple serenity of just being. I call it the moments of the in-between. Between the crests of big and bold come the soft, gentle ripples that can also be extraordinary. Immersing ourselves in each season is something I think is so important. Just like an indian summer or a cold front that moves in, we can’t always predict exactly when, where or how… but we know weather changes and seasons happen, they are imminent. So it goes for our own seasons of life, changes come, the ebb of busy and exciting will happen as well as a time of creative gentleness, of growth in the calm. Right now, before our schedules ebb again, we’ve battened down the hatches while the waves of familiar rest wash over us. 


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