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He likes to call “audibles” on our days… like we have no plans but chilling around the house and all of a sudden we’re leaving “in five” to pick up supplies for remodeling something in the house,  grocery shopping or going out with the family for dinner.

He keeps us spontaneous.

And I like it. Most of the time.

He puts up with my dramatic exasperations like the time I was stuck between two trains, another blocked road and traffic… but if your heard the receiving end on his phone it sounded more like, “IF THERE WAS AN ALIEN ATTACK RIGHT NOW, IT’D BE HERE BECA– USE WE’RE ALL SITTING DUCKS!” His response? “Well, at least you’re not dramatic.”  He was smiling.  I could tell.

He keeps us dreaming.  From the very beginning of our lives together we were dreamers.  We would talk and plan and dream, big.  Many of those dreams have now come true… and we still talk, and plan and dream, big.

And he loves me.  I know this because he never fails to tell me.  He tells me when I need to hear it.  He tells me when I least expect it.  And at times he tells me without even having to use his words.

Today we celebrate his life, his birth.  Today is his birthday and we celebrate him!

I love him.  And I kind of like him.

Happy Birthday Lover!