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Our Memorial Day started out with bang in the form of an early morning scare and trip to the hospital… thankfully I can say that all is well, and we are all just fine, with the baby bunny, and the bump I’m proudly carrying him in, still growing. With today actually marking the 37 week mark, the fact that we’re officially now full term and one trip to the hospital already under our belt, we thought it was time to make sure our “go bag” is actually all ready to go! Since this is my third time around, packing for the hospital means taking what I can to make our short stay for our newest arrival’s birthday as comfortable as possible while still avoiding overpacking. So here is my list of essentials, and what I’ve thrown in a bag that now sits ready and waiting.

hospital bag essentials
1) Pillow with Pretty Sham – This is one of the “extras” that will make the stay so much nicer for me. I love my own pillow, and taking it will give me a little taste of home. I’ll just make sure to add a pretty case or sham so that it doesn’t get mixed up with hospital pillows.

2) Coconut Water – A great way to stay hydrated and full of electrolytes! I had tried coconut water before and wasn’t a fan, but for some reason, this has hit the spot lately… especially the pineapple flavor. It also helps to have a non-perishable snack like trail mix, just in case you end up delivering at 3am and the hospital’s kitchen is closed (yes, this happened with my second).

3) Nursing Bra – A cute and comfortable nursing bra is always the way to go if you plan on nursing, and don’t forget a couple of nursing pads just in case your milk comes in while still at the hospital.

4) Toiletries and Makeup – I honestly don’t know how much makeup I’ll be reapplying during my hospital stay, but I’m taking my favorite mascara (that is pretty much waterproof even though it doesn’t claim to be) and some NARS Blush for those hospital snapshots.

5) Lip Balm – My lips tend to get dry during labor, and this minty option with be my go-to balm.

6) Comfy Going Home Outfit for Mama – Something comfortable to wear home, like those stretchy maternity leggings and a cute top are a must. For one, you won’t know for sure what size you’ll be in, and no one likes trying to squeeze into anything to tight right away.

7) Slippers – Something to walk around the room in, like slippers or socks, is a must… especially for after labor and delivery, when the hospital suddenly feels very cold.

8) Pajamas – Take something comfy to wear after giving birth… something loose fitting and easy to nurse in (if you plan on nursing). You can even bring your own nightgown for labor and delivery, or just use the hospital gown if you’re worried about getting it messy. Add in a robe for warmth, and you’re all set to cuddle in with your new little babe.

9) Coconut Oil – If you’ve been around this blog for much time at all, you probably already know of my professed love of coconut oil. We use it for everything, and I’ll be taking some in my bag as well (in a smaller container) for massage, to use as a moisturizer, for diaper/rash cream, nipple cream… and whatever else we may need.

10) Phone, Camera and Chargers – For entertainment, for soothing sounds and music, for those first snapshots of your bundle of joy… you won’t want to be without these!

11) Going Home Outfit for Baby – Don’t forget a weather appropriate outfit to take baby home in… and something cute doesn’t hurt either.

12) Cozy Socks – Which can also be used for mittens when needed. Most hospitals with provide hats, but if you’d like to pack your own, this sweet and soft number is just adorable.

13) Swaddling Blankets – The hospital will provide a couple of these as well, and the nurses will amaze you with how quickly and tightly they can swaddle your newborn, but I’m excited to try the Aden + Anais brand that I’ve heard rave reviews about.

14) Boppy – I will take this and at least have it in the car in case I feel the need to use it while in the hospital… I can usually get away with just using extra pillows, but I may not have this too far from me just in case I change my mind, you never know!

15) Car Seat– Can’t take baby home without one!

The hospital gives you things to use (and sometimes a couple to take home) like panties and pads, a gown, socks, pillows, blankets, diapers and wipes, a baby hat and snap shirts, etc. So only pack those items if you’d like to have your own. And if you’re using a birth plan, make sure to bring it with you!

Happy packing! xo