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Today I dreamt of two happy little souls frolicking in that place where a cotton-splashed cerulean sky meets the slow and tranquil warmth that the teal waters of the Gulf bring to a beach of white floured sand.  I like that place.

photo 2

This past week, my husband and I have been scouring our soon-to-be new hometown for a place we can bring our family to, a place we will soon call home. We’ve been navigating the narrow paths between what can we afford? and what will feel comfortable to us all?, and finding the place that balances the two just right hasn’t been easy.

So today, while we waited for returned calls, a meeting and the acceptance of a couple of offers, we crossed a bridge dividing our new stomping grounds and a beautiful island… and explored.

photo 2-1

As the angled cables came into view, I reached into the backseat, retrieved my camera to set up a few shots. Out of habit, I flipped the side open ready to see the smooth black edge of a CF card… but this time it revealed an empty memory card slot.  So I slipped back into my dream and decided that the memories from today would be well burned into my mind… and maybe I’d sneak in a few photos on my phone as well.

photo 3
photo 1

I miss my little ones. I miss the ruckus an evening bath can bring, with water splashing this way and that, heads bobbing in and out of sudsy peaks and squeals echoing through the tiled walls. I miss the quiet contentment of a morning cuddle with two very bedheaded yawning babes.

photo 4

It will be worth it. A few days of missing them will be made up with the salty breeze of many afternoons spent in this same place where a long stretch of coast stood and watched dolphins dancing on the horizon… literally.  For a solid ten minutes our gazes were all locked in one place, while I heard el delfîn shouted out by an amber haired little boy and another threw bread into the waves in hopes of feeding their new friend.

I like this place.


All photos used in this post were taken with an iPhone 4, with no filters used.