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I’m finally home, sweet home, and in time to finish up Christmas lists, wrap presents and send out our Christmas cards. So in the spirit of sharing, I thought I post a few finds that I think would make great gifts if you still need a few stocking stuffers, a fun idea to kickstart your imagination or a little something for that special niece or nephew.
kids gift guide
1. Tattley Menagerie Temporary Tattoos, $14.95

2. Kid’s Dinosaur Crayons, $8

3. Monster Finger Puppets, $10.50

4. Din Din Stainless Platter, $16.50

5. An Awesome Book, $11.55
(If you want to read this little book about dreaming big before you buy, just click HERE. )

6. Bla Bla Kids Travel Pillow, $52

7. Potjiekos Music, $8.99
(My kids absolutely LOVE this album, and it’s one that doesn’t annoy parents either.)

8. Wooden Animal Memory Game, $24.95
(I happened to find this at a thrift store over the summer, and my toddler gets so excited to play with it.)

9. Wee Alphas Personalized Print, $80

10. Personalized Wooden Bowling Game, $27

After twelve days away from home, I’m signing off too cuddle my family, or in the words of my two year old when I asked him to cuddle with me and he replied, “Can we snuggle too?”… I’m off to snuggle.

Happy shopping!!