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If you’re like me, you took advantage of a few deals over the big shopping rush post Thanksgiving. But now that it’s December, I’m crossing the rest off my list as I check it twice… and I’m placing my orders! Online shopping is where it’s at for me these days and so I’ve rounded up my top picks for this year’s Kids Gift Guide with present ideas that both boys and girls will love! I do think it’s important for kids to get their own presents, but I love choosing things that can be shared and passed down. I mean, with four kids, it’s kind of a must! All of our picks for our kids gift guide are things we have or toys my kids would love and it’s already in our shopping cart! While our kids are each getting just a couple of items from us this year, it was even more important for me to find gift ideas that would provide fun ways to play together, let them use their imagination and again, items that can be passed down as they grow.Kids Gift Guide for the Holidays. Christmas present ideas children love, both boys and girls!! From something to wear to learning activities and interactive play toys, we've got it here!

  1. Nesting dolls take on a whole new form of play when they’re from the future. My son actually has a set of Robot Nesting Dolls and he loves them!
  2. This vintage inspired cardboard projector for any smartphone can turn your living room into a campout theater. Watch home movies, make a batch of our s’mores dip and make a fort on the floor since it lets you project things from the small screen of your phone onto the wall plus it amplifies the sound. No need for an additional power source!
  3. EVERY kid needs a good pair of boots… great for play, rain, snow and more. For us in Florida, boots are of course great during rainy season, but they’re also easy for kids to get on themselves! These Oakiwear kids rain boots are a great price and perfect for under the tree this year. 
  4. It’s a bird. It’s a plane. It’s whatever they want it to be! I’ve heard rave reviews from parents about these Magna-tiles and it’s on our list for Skylar this year. With magnets on all sides, kids can easily create any kind of masterpiece they want.
  5. Hello shiny shoes… that also light up! These high top sneakers come in all kinds of colors (I happen to be partial to this silver pair), with a built in LED lights offering 16 Static Colors and 4 Color Changing Modes. Seriously, most fun kid’s shoes ever.
  6. One thing our family does together every year is open up our new Christmas pajamas on Christmas Eve… and I’ve already got ours this year in this adorable stripe set from Burts Bees! I’m actually considering giving them out early so we can start wearing them now, although my traditionalist older son might not love the idea of changing it up so much. 😉
  7. Keep them snuggled up and warm with a cozy fleece trapper hat.
  8. Turn any phone or device into a recording studio, sing-along-karaoke or stage production with this plug in microphone… perfect for the little performer in your house.
  9. A stop motion claymation kit with everything needed to create a stop motion claymation on a smartphone (besides the smartphone of course).
  10. Transform any hand into a wide-eyed animal or a colorful monster with these temporary hand tattoos.
  11. Kids won’t mind settling in for a movie or relaxing in this mermaid tail blanket.
  12. How fun is this silly drinking straw... that can be constructed into all kinds of shapes!
  13. A good coloring book, like these Fantastic Cities or Dr. Seuss coloring books, and specialty colored pencils keep little minds, and hands, busy for awhile.
  14. Might I suggest a box of thank you cards in the stockings to pay due respects (to grandparents, aunts + uncles, etc)? These puppy cards are too cute and still a bit festive.
  15. Let your littles design their own world of adventure with this marble maze kit! They can race friends with the pine board, zoom through on a smartphone with the app, or step inside a labyrinth they designed with the virtual reality viewer. They start by designing a maze, complete with obstacles like traps and movable walls. Scan the creation with the app and transform it into a spaceship, magic kingdom, or ancient ruin. Photos, sounds, and riddles to trick others can be added too. Place an iPhone or iPod into the viewer for the virtual experience!

So tell me, what’s on your little one’s wish lists this year? I always feel the tension between not really needing things and trying to keep it minimalistic and the desire to bless our kids as much as possible. We’re working on the balance of it all with just a few gifts each, mostly found in this kids gift guide. We’ve done the “something you need, something you want, something to read and something to wear” theme before and that works well too. This time, we’re just doing a few things and making sure we all give of ourselves and our time this holiday season as well, like donating toys, taking blankets and dinners to the homeless and other small acts of service. I’d love to hear how you balance it all!