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Being home is such a different kind of busy than “on-the-road” busy. I love it, most of it anyway. The laundry? Maybe not that part so much. But what I love is the excitement surrounding my littles and their upcoming Taekwando tournament this weekend. I love that it’s always “take-your-kids-to-work day” since most of my work is crafted and created in my home. I love that we get in Sunday naps together and that my littles get to experience the trepidation of some new and exciting projects for me that are a stretch… but fruit doesn’t grow on the trunk of the tree, you have to branch out and take a few steps away from that comfortable place to reach it!

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The photos in this post were originally taken with my iPhone and most were posted on Instagram. The collage I created in Photoshop for those of you that have asked. If you want to find me, I’m on Instagram as TabithaBlue (and I have a NEW handle as well where I share our essential oil journey at FreshMommyEssentials) and would love to “meet” you!