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I started this post on Monday actually, and right in the middle, I was whisked away for an early Valentine overnighter. I quietly closed my laptop and happily obliged, only to return days later to finish up this post.

It’s been way too long since I’ve posted a 10 things that I’m loving right now post, and I’ve missed it. Those quick little glimpses into our lives, into my kid’s lives. A roundup of where we are and what we’re doing right now, in the moment. Though I think I’m ditching the list of ten, because for one, I’m not sure where that number came from, and two… I don’t think my pregnant brain is quite aligned with a number driven list at the moment.

So here’s goes, some little lovies that have been making us happy this past weekend, in few words and many photos.

Weekends were made for the driveway car wash.
Weekend Lovelies-1Weekend Lovelies-2Weekend Lovelies-4Weekend Lovelies-5Weekend Lovelies-6Weekend Lovelies-8Weekend Lovelies-7

Puppy love, we’ve got puppy love.
Weekend Lovelies-11
If you haven’t met her yet, this is our newest addition, Penelope.
Weekend Lovelies-12

Little brother’s climbing skills and intense determination to spell out words… he lines letters up on his magnetic board and makes up a phrase. “This is what is says, mama.”Weekend Lovelies-13Weekend Lovelies-14

Last weekend’s warm temps let us enjoy our first swim of the season.
Weekend Lovelies-15Weekend Lovelies-16
Even though the waters’ temp was still a bit cool, too cool for me. Weekend Lovelies-17Weekend Lovelies-18

Waterside bike rides…
Weekend Lovelies-19Weekend Lovelies-21Weekend Lovelies-20

And a first visit to the beach for sunset with our little Nelly (one of the myriad of nicknames she has).
Weekend Lovelies-22

A stop for ice cream at a local beach joint as the sun went down and the colorful lights glistened overhead. Weekend Lovelies-23Weekend Lovelies-24Weekend Lovelies-25

What do you have planned for this weekend? Please share, whether it’s tucking in to a cozy home while winter peaks in from the window or heading out for a busy afternoon, I’d love to hear!

For us, we’ve got a little boy turning three and an “under the sea” celebration that is now moving indoors because a cold front is coming through, and a houseful of guests are arriving from Michigan as well. This weekend should prove to be another one full of happies.