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For this year, I made it a goal to read much more often. And although I didn’t write it down, or for that matter, say it out loud, I had this little finish line in my head that I’d cross if I read four books in a month. Well, now that just makes me laugh because that works out to about a book a week. Sometimes, that is actually doable… depending on the book and the week. But for the most part? Thumbing my way through the hefty pages of a full book and soaking it all in each week is just not something I can sustain. So here we are, a week (or two… almost) into February, and these are the four books I was reading in January (mind you I did start at over a week in to the new year!), not all of them are quite finished yet (but almost!), and I did throw in a few online classes and a quick health read which in turn means I devoted less time to reading these books.for the love of books

Nonetheless, here are my thoughts on each so far:

  • Make it Happen has been such an encouragement to me, and so many other women! There are so many things that have been stirred in my through reading, and a quote from it that I recently shared, “Your past mistakes, no matter how heavy or confusing or deep they run, do not define you,” still moves me. What is it that is holding you back from your dreams? Maybe you aren’t even sure yourself. This book isn’t a quick read because it’s actually a guide to walk you through some of these steps… and I’m taking my time with it.
  • The Body Book is something I ordered mainly because I wanted to see what Cameron Diaz’ writing “voice” sounded like. And while I don’t fully know how much if it is straight from her pen or someone else’s guidance, it’s been a great read! If you’d read up or studied on health much, the insights aren’t so much new, but put together and worded in a way that makes you want to take hold of your kitchen, and your habits. 
  • Girl Online is definitely a quick read. I read this one on the plane and finished it that same day. It was quite adorable actually, and with the story set in a quaint little British town, why wouldn’t I like it? This is a great book to pick up if you’re not ready for a heavy read and want a story to take you away. Although disclaimer, it still made me cry.
  • Ramshackle Glam is totally cute, and funny and a great gift for any new or soon-to-be mama, with insights on how to keep a little of the glam in your life after baby. Jordan writes in a witty way that makes you feel like she’s your friend, chatting with you over coffee, which I happen to think is fabulous.

For my goals this month, well first I’m going to finish up the two I have left out of the above and then add in another two (one I’ve already started actually!), and then I’m setting a technology driven goal. When I’m home and with my family, I want to devote my afternoons to living technology free. My goal is to set down my phone (and forget about social media, texts, etc) from the hours of 3-7. We’ll see how this one plays out!

So, what about you, do you have any reading goals for the year? Or any book recommendations that I can add to my list?


Tabitha Blue


Feel free to read along with me, then we can talk about it!