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“When life gives you something that makes you feel afraid, that’s when life gives you the chance to be brave.” ~Lupythia Hermain

Love, at it’s very core, is brave. The affection we feel for someone can lead us to brave things, to stand courageously, in fierce devotion. And love, can be a scary thing. 

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I slowly sauntered down the stairs, if sauntered can be used to describe a slightly awake version of sleep walking. Aria actually slept pretty well through the night, but for some reason I didn’t. Rubbing my eyes, I shuffled my feet one cautiously in front of the other so as to feel where I was going since I wasn’t quite seeing clearly yet. As life before me came into focus, so did my son, who was staring at my shirt. 

What does Love Bravely mean? His question came through in the sweetest of voices. Not the rowdy voice, or the tired (read, whiney) voice. It was his gentle curiosity, his sweet inquisition that made me melt. And then, made me think about this phrase that though probably a bit overused, is still one that I have a bent towards, for some reason. A pull. A desire to live, and love, bravely.

When Chris and I were friends he told me of a girl he liked, a girl he could see himself growing old with, and yet he didn’t want to mess up the very good thing they had; friendship. My reply? You only live once, take a chance or you’ll be left wondering “what if” at the end of that life. 

At that he thanked me, and left. He left! It was the end of our conversation, and though we were friends, there was a guy I kind of liked too, a guy I could see myself with. I was certain that I just sent that guy into the life of another girl, meaning the end of our friendship as it was.

A few weeks later, this guy, the guy, asked me out. The hypothetical turned into our reality and our friendship turned into something more. To this day, I know I’d give the same advice, but for this time I’m glad it turned out the way it did… I’m grateful that I was the girl, and he was the guy. 

In life, in love, we get to make choices. We get to live bravely. We can choose to love bravely. 

What does that mean? I can live, and love in a way that shows a willingness to face danger or pain. I don’t want to finish my life wondering what if. I want to choose now, courageously, so I’m not left thinking, if only.

This can be scary, in both the smallest of things and the largest of decisions.

It’s choosing to give love, even in the face of pain, of rejection, to the one who seems unloved. It’s lavishing big love on the little ones with high daily demands, even when we’re slowly waking up and sipping coffee. It’s in the smallest of gestures to the one we’ve promised to love for the rest of our lives. It’s in the smile to a stranger that may not be returned and in the soft answer someone may not deserve.

And sometimes it’s in choosing to receive love, when we don’t feel it ourselves, or giving ourselves grace when we wish we were someone different.

My challenge today, for all of us (myself included!) is to be brave and be open to love. Whether that be giving it or receiving it, just be open to letting it invade every part of your life. Want a daily reminder? We’ve stocked #freshmommyshop with the new tee of the month! This month’s statement tee is LOVE BRAVELY, and we want you to wear it, and live it, proudly with us!

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