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essential oils for romance and love by popular Florida lifestyle blogger Fresh Mommy Blog

Okay all of you lovebirds, I’m sure you already know that Valentine’s Day is literally right around the corner and if you’re an essential oil user and lover like I am (or if you want to be!), I’ve put together a list of some great essential oils for romance to add even more love to the air… and other places too. 😉

Many of us already know how essential oils can work wonders on the body and mind as natures healing tools, used for years by ancient healers… but on top of boosting immunity and easing pain, oils can also increase blood flow, balance hormones and work as natures own aphrodisiac through scent and sensations. use essential oils to boost libido, as an aphrodisiac and for romance! - essential oils for romance and love by popular Florida lifestyle blogger Fresh Mommy Blog


You could use any of these oils, together or individually, topically (neat) or with an all-over massage oil for a great massage. You definitely don’t have to have all of these to boost your bedroom romance, pick and choose what you need and what you’d like to start with (or maybe you already have a couple of these at home and can find a new way to use them!).

Ylang Ylang offers a sweet and flowery fragrance that’s been used often for romance throughout history, and used on the beds of newlyweds on their wedding night. It elevates sexual energy and is a great oil to use in a spray bottle with water to spray your linens and sheets, add to a massage oil or diffuse to set the tone for a romantic evening. And a big tip, rub on the inner thighs to get you in the mood!

Geranium, with is spicy floral aroma, is noted as a powerful aphrodisiac. But it’s also a great oil for women as it’s great to balance out hormones and even relieves some symptoms of PMS. Another oil that has similar effects for women and in the bedroom, but with a more herbal scent, is Clary Sage which contains natural scleral, a phytoestrogen that helps with cramping, PMS, circulatory problems, and hormone balancing as well. 

To great a gentle warming personal lubricant, use one ounce of coconut oil and add in 5 drops of Lavender. Although, feel free to spice it up even more with a couple drops of Black Pepper and a drop of Peppermint for a warming/cooling sensation. These work great as a massage oil mix also!

Sandalwood is an oil that is usually appealing to men because of it’s slight woodsy scent, yet still a warm, sweet aroma that’s exotic, enticing and soothing. To increase libido, diffuse, apply to the wrist and both sides of the ankles or mix in with a massage oil. Since it’s such a prized oil, the price does reflect that, so Cedarwood is similar and can be used in it’s place.

Wild Orange is one of my favorite scents as it’s just so uplifting and happy. It’s a complex aroma that both calms and energizes. Not commonly hailed as a “bedroom” scent, it’s great to get you and your lover in a happy and fun mood with each other. Diffuse in the room, apply to the neck and wrists… and of course you can add, along with any of the other oils mentioned, or individually to your massage oil.

We all know that stress doesn’t help encourage romance in the bedroom, so sometimes a night in needs to start with some relaxation. Use some Bliss Calming Oil in the diffuser or in a spray bottle with water as a pillow spray. Take in a few deeps breaths and enjoy the one you’re with.essential oils for romance and love by popular Florida lifestyle blogger Fresh Mommy Blog

I know I’ll be using a few of these essential oils for romance soon. Happy romancing, friends!


Tabitha Blue

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