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DIY Mason Jar Tumbler

Basically, I think this is easily one of the coolest and simplest DIY projects I’ve done. The ratio of simplicity for us to complete along with the high awesomeness factor just knocks it out of the park. Recently, I wanted to give my iced coffee loving friend a gift that included a mason jar tumbler, but didn’t have the time to wait for one to arrive by mail and frankly, we’ve been looking for ways to save, even while we give, so the DIY mason jar tumbler was born.

DIY Mason Jar Tumbler-1
Supplies needed: Mason jar with lid (we shopped our cupboard), a rubber 3/8 grommet, drill with bit and a straw.

DIY Mason Jar Tumbler-3
1/ Assemble jar and find the middle of the lid, then use the drill bit to create a hole in the lid.

DIY Mason Jar Tumbler-52/ Place rubber grommet in the hole to conceal rough edges, this should be a tight fit, so make sure to work it in.

DIY Mason Jar Tumbler-43/ Wash the jar and lid to get rid of any metal flakes from the drilling, then just add your favorite drink, screw the lid on tight and insert straw.

DIY Mason Jar Tumbler-7All done! Isn’t this the cutest? These make great gifts (Ahem, Christmas is coming up soon and these would be cute filled with an iced coffee mix packet and some sipping stone ice cubes, which you could divide up between 2-3 tumblers.)!

Do you think you’d like making these? Let me know if you try it.