Jumpstart Your Life by Mastering Excuses! How to overcome fear and break through excuses to find success in any area. Fun Brooklyn Bridge photos! Jumpstart Your Life by Mastering Excuses! How to overcome fear and break through excuses to find success in any area. Fun Brooklyn Bridge photos! Jumpstart Your Life by Mastering Excuses! How to overcome fear and break through excuses to find success in any area. Fun Brooklyn Bridge photos!

Think about if for a minute… what would the world look like if we all stopped making excuses. And really, let’s think even smaller; what would OUR life look like if WE stopped making excuses.

“I’ll go to the gym when…”

“I’ll start my online shop when…”

“If only I had the time/money/energy/[insert excuse here].”

But here’s the thing. There’s never enough time, money or energy. There’s never the “perfect” storm of circumstances. 

Overcoming Excuses

On our last trip to New York, a gorgeous spring day lured us outdoors and we decided to take a walk on the Brooklyn Bridge. Now, I’m not the type of person that particularly enjoys walks on bridges. This one though? Wasn’t so bad. In fact the walking area was peaceful, if not crowded and since it was thick and solid, I didn’t really have any anxiety from the height. But when it came to crossing pictures off my bucket list where I was ON the edge (overlooking the cars zooming by beneath), well that’s a different story. It took a few deep breaths and the courage to get past the excuses for me to hop up, and I’m so glad I did.

You see, rarely is something accomplished that we’re proud of without first overcoming fear and excuses. Rarely to we see our dreams realized without giving up something (comfort, time, convenience) to go up.

Determine the Root of Your Excuses

Sometimes it comes down to doubt. We don’t want to take that first step because we don’t think we can do it. You know where we’re right in that? If we never try, if we never start, we’ll never do it. But otherwise, dead wrong. Even if we don’t end up exactly where we thought we’d be, we’ll have learned, have grown and will come out different, better, for it. Though usually? We’ll accomplish what we set out to!

Sometimes it comes down to focus. Our mind is so scattered, trying to focus on everything and in turn running around accomplishing nothing. When nothing gets done, that causes guilt. Allow yourself to focus on one thing, one main goal at a time. Cut down on the noise, the clutter, while you do. 

Even as I type this, I have one babe in the high chair next to me who just finished her breakfast and is cooing away. I have another that’s running around with toys and periodically stops to ask me a question or show me something new. If there’s one thing I understand, it’s that there are unavoidable noise in life, because with four kids, I happen to have a very loud life. So, for the times I really need a mentally clutter-free time of focus, I need to adjust my own schedule to be free of that noise. Some days it’s having a sitter. Some days it’s waking before they do so I have the time to focus on that one important thing.

When you cut down on the mental clutter, you feel mentally at peace. Mentally more alert, and mentally more able to overcome those fears and excuses.

Get Inspired. Be Accountable.

I absolutely love one of our recent statement tees and wanted to share it one more time with you guys. 

One of the inspirations behind this tee was the many mornings where I needed that extra push to motivate me to hit the gym (my bedroom floor at the moment) or those evenings after dinner with my family where I knew going for a walk would be good for all of us, but the couch looked too tempting. I wanted to create a shirt that would hold me accountable, that would encourage me to do the best thing for myself, my health and my family. Accountability comes in a lot of different forms, for me this t-shirt was one of them, not only does it motivate me, but I have found when wearing it that it motivates others. 

If you’re in need of a little accountability, we’re in it together! Look no further and head on over to our #freshmommyshop and pick up your own statement tee to keep you motivated as well.

Now What?

So, my question to you today is this… what if? What if we stopped making excuses and instead began taking steps toward our goal. What if we cleared the clutter or the mental noise and decided to focus on this one thing and do it well. What would your life look like? 

A day will pass anyway. A weeks time will still tick by. A month will be gone before you know it. Time continues, it’s what you do in the meantime that will determine where you’ll be. We have the choice to make of it what we want.

Are you going to wait until you lose a job to make the decision to launch a business? Are you going to wait for the doctors orders to make healthier choices? Are you going to wait for the “perfect storm,” or will you run with your dream now?

Maybe it’s getting up earlier to have quiet time in the house to get words on paper because your dream is a book. Maybe it’s taking a brush to wood instead of still looking through Pinterest because you want to create beautiful things. Maybe it’s cutting out the dessert after dinner and starting the day with a workout because you want to fit into your clothes and feel better. Maybe it’s actually booking and attending a cooking class because you want to know what you’re doing in the kitchen. YOU know what your dream is. Set ONE goal (at first, it’s doesn’t mean this one thing for the rest of your life), and take the needed steps to reach it!

Friends, I’m with you. I’m learning and growing in this; writing this post comes from my heart. It’s written out of encouragement to myself as well as to you! So tell me, what is one thing you’d like to start focusing on? One dream, one passion, one goal that you can stop making excuses and start taking steps toward (as small as those steps may be). Jumpstart Your Life by Mastering Excuses! How to overcome fear and break through excuses to find success in any area. Fun Brooklyn Bridge photos!

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