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I’ve actually come to that age where I don’t really expect or need much for my birthday. Now, let me backup and explain a little so I don’t sound quite so haughty, because I assure you, it’s nothing like that.

You know when you were little and would ask your mom what she wanted for her birthday, or Mother’s Day, or Christmas, or whenever it was that you wanted to get her a gift and she’d reply with something like, “Just your love,” or “I don’t really need anything.” For me, that was always so anti-climactic! I wanted ideas, people, real tangible ideas of real and tangible things that my mom would like to have. Seeing that my birthday is less than ten days away (oh em gee, not really freaking, but kind of), my daughter recently asked me what I wanted for my birthday… and quite literally I had to stop the words as they began to roll off my tongue when I began to utter that phrase, “I don’t really need anything.” No, I wouldn’t say it, I couldn’t. As those words started, I could already see the look on her face and knew exactly what she was feeling… “Yeah, but what do you want?” Are there things I want? Yes, sure. Are there things I feel like I have to have? Not even close. I think that as the days are filled with so much our children, we realize more and more how much we need less and less. 

I’m not saying that I wouldn’t love a massive shopping spree at the nearest Nordys, but in all seriousness, I’ve been happily de-cluttering, cutting back and at least dipping my toes into the mantra of less is more, and really, truly being okay with it. So when my girl asks, I know she wants to know, and she doesn’t want my pre-programmed mama response. So here it is, a little list of things, things I’ve had my eye on or wanted, things that would be nice for any mama. Especially for the mama that just needs a little extra doting on because she’s least expecting it.birthday-gift-guide-for-the-mama

1| I’ve always been a huge paper product fan, and with the kind of schedules that moms have to keep for a household, a great planner is essential. And one that looks cute is even better! I’ve heard GREAT things about the Day Designer.

2| I’ve pinned and have been loving this Kate Space Mrs Necklace from afar!

3| Don’t know quite what to get? No worries, gift cards from her fave places really do mean a lot. I know that I certainly appreciate being able to get a chai tea whenever I want it or the chance to choose a new lip shade, and so sometimes, gift cards mean more than you think.

4 | Breakfast in bed, like this summer frittata, goes a long way for any mama, especially if some cleaning or laundry is getting done around the house simultaneously… freeing us from some of that mama guilt that happens all too often.

5| Candles are always a good choice, since I’m always wanting to light one. Some of my faves are from Anthropologie.

6| Mamas are always snapping away, and I’ve been wanting to snap a few with an Instax for awhile now.

7| One of my fave after shower body oil sprays, JR Watkins Coconut Body Mist, is perfect because it’s light and moisturizing without staying greasy, and being a spray means it’s quick and easy to use. And for a mom, being able to get in and out of a shower quickly is a necessity!

8| There’s always room for a new polish and Essie’s hot new fall shades like Take It Outside, Fall In Line and Partner In Crime will rock a polish stash. Plus, getting something from a new seasonal collection, means mum probably won’t have it yet.

9| I’ve had my eye on this gorgeous way to showcase my top lipsticks for awhile now. The Tiered Vestige Cosmetics Holder would look great on any mama’s vanity!

So, if you’ve got a mama to buy for and aren’t sure what to get, I think you’d score pretty well with any of these items. Happy shopping, friends. (And if any of you feel like forwarding this list to my husband, that’s okay too 😉 )