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On some days here in the Midwest (in the cold northern part), when we’re still waiting for the weather to induce more outdoor play, we tend to create good times out of… well, not much at all.  

Of course we try to make laundry fun, and cooking an adventure, but there’s a limit to how much ‘fun’ you can really have with that.

So when friends like Briony come over and we’re hanging out with Baby Blue, the evening is always a rip-roaring good time, and full of laughter.

All we have to do is give Baby Blue the tool, and she’ll make it fun.

Like this new outfit with bloomers, for example.


Where’s the fun in covering your bum?  It’s much better over your head.


At least we all know it’s a brand new, clean pair.


Wait, is she done yet?  Oh, nope, here we go.


Maybe she’ll just leave them there for awhile.


I think so.

I don’t think I can love this girl any more.