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There are times when life seems to be buzzing at full speed, where mornings begin with a leap off of the bed and end with sleepy bodies falling into it. And then there are times when the very air we breathe seems to slow and as the rhythm of our inhales and exhales fall into line, so do we… and not necessarily because there’s any less to do or fewer places to go, but because we decide to really see what’s around us. That’s easy to do when traipsing the streets of Chicago, breathing in the scents of Garrets popcorn or the corner hot dog stand or when taking in the sights of Times Square at night and the constant buzz of New York City. But the little things, the in-between times I like to call them, are just as important.

Last week, our normal, regular weekly jaunt to the market was the perfect place to take a long breath and let our bodies rhythm sync with it. Little hands raced to fill baskets with vibrant colors. My list quickly became a cart filled with fresh goodies. And the way these two danced around the market, in a tango of grab this and fill that, was a beautiful cadence.

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Thank you, Briony, for capturing the colorful melody on our trip to Tommy’s market.

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Oh the places we go, the market, the beach, sometimes further, many places the same and many places new, away and home again…

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All different rhythms, all different beats and all beautifully melodic when we take the time to listen, to see.

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