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White wash sign

It all started with a sign I wanted to make for a certain Pink Pony Party that will be shared in full detail soon. With my little two year old in the “driver’s seat” of the Home Depot shopping cart, we weaved our way through paint and lumber, plucked two 2X4s off of the rack and headed straight to the cutting station. Wearing a sundress and makeup on this occasion means I was very quickly greeted with helpful staff ready to cut my two boards in half with a smile. Seriously, dresses and makeup help. That was the quickest trip through Home Depot I’ve ever had. Ever.

Once I was home with my score and lined up the pieces on the garage floor, we screwed two pieces of scrap wood we had at home into the back to hold it all together. Voila, sign! This actually sat on my mantel, plain, for a couple of weeks until I got to the whitewash part. And really? I didn’t mind it like that.

Since I decided I would use the sign in the house after the party, I wanted to use something that wasn’t too specific or party centric. So ponies were out. And the word Celebrate? Totally in.

Celebrate sign-1

After finding the font I wanted, printing the letters onto card stock and cutting them out, I laid them on the sign and used a glue stick to hold them in place once I had it how I liked it.

From there, it was just mixing a bit of white paint with some water for the white wash effect and laying it on there. At first it looked too white, but within seconds it lightened up to reveal smooth, even strokes and a pretty white washed woodgrain.

Celebrate sign-2Celebrate sign-5Celebrate sign-3 Celebrate sign-4Celebrate sign-6

Once I finished painting the entire sign, we peeled up the letters to reveal the final effect, cleaned up a couple edges with a small brush dipped in nail polish remover, and let dry until the evening when we screwed about 3 feet of rope into the back of the sign using 2 of these conduit straps. Ready to hang!

Celebrate sign-7

At this moment, I have it hanging above my under-furnished mantel and will work to remedy that stat, but I may move this to my kid’s room as it would work great in there as well. We shall see!

Cost of Project:
2- 2X4s – $7.50
3 feet of rope – $3
2- 1/2″ conduit straps – $1.55
I had some white craft paint, brushes, cardstock, scissors, gluestick and screws on hand.

Total cost = 12.05

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