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A Gift Guide For the Coffee Love from Fresh Mommy Blog

Recently, a coffee loving pal of mine had a birthday… and since I didn’t want to opt for the standard Starbucks giftcard alone (I still think the addition of a little giftcard to a handcrafted package would be a hit, especially if you know the recipient frequents the place.), I decided to get creative and curate my own gift package! Though I didn’t leave myself with enough time to order the cute and quirky pillow shown above, and instead added a couple of nail polishes and other girly things… this gift pack, as far as I can tell, was a huge hit, especially the Rudabeggas (it’s SO so good)! If you’ve got a coffee lover on your gift list, because as you know, Christmas is just around the corner, or if you’re a coffee lover yourself, save this guide and order a thing or two… or all of it!