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To say that it’s been a bit different around here would be an understatement. I’m sorry I’ve been MIA this past week. As an excuse for it all, I will say that my bathroom counter and the changing table look like mini apothecaries, full of balms and oils, remedies and meds. After over a week of nearly constant prayers whispered through tears while each nursing suckle feels like fiery knives are searing through me, I’m beginning to see a light at the end of this long, dark tunnel. And I would never ever wish thrush on anyone. Dear Lord, it’s been a long couple of weeks because of it. Other than the crazy pain that’s tried to hijack our special first weeks at home, we’ve been spending as much time as we can enjoying our family time together.

And since I have just a few minutes before needing to brace myself for nursing again… and another doctor’s appointment, here are a few snapshots of the highlights from last weekend.

weekend snapshots
weekend snapshots
Morning cuddles. 

weekend snapshots
weekend snapshots
First shower!

SkylarSkylarweekend snapshotsweekend snapshotsweekend snapshots
Those shoes were on his feet from the moment nana bought them for him… for about a week straight.

weekend snapshotsweekend snapshotsweekend snapshotsweekend snapshotsphoto 3.JPG
Aliyah flew up to Michigan for a week with papa and for a performing arts camp… we miss her.

weekend snapshots
Thank you, beautiful family, for making our moments together so sweet. The highlights definitely outweigh the rest.

Enjoy this weekend, friends!