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Welcome to Sunday Citar!! Here’s where we all share a quote or two… a favorite, a new find, a laugh inducing or tear inducing quote you love this week. (Citar = to quote in Spanish)

Christmas Boat Parade

“It’s the little moments that make life big.” ~Unknown

Lights bounced off the water like they were dancing in the cool breeze that was brought in the day before by a cold front. We laid out the blanket inches from the water’s edge and snuggled on top, while Aliyah popped open her picnic basket and passed pretzels and fruit snacks between her hands and the chubby little ones of her brother. We didn’t stay too long, it was already late, we were hungry, and I had to wake little brother from the warmth of his car seat to bring him out for the show of millions of twinkling lights strung up to masts and hulls, bows and sterns of the boats lined up in the bay. While I held my littlest close to my heart, his cheek pressed against my shoulder, and big sister danced along the shoreline, my breath became a whisper from the display being put on by the sky, the moon not being outdone by anything that bowed under it’s presence.

“Pitty(pretty) moon, pitty(pretty) water,” he says, his words echoing the sentiment of my own thoughts, and each one melts my heart. We pack up and head back to the car, as Aliyah carries her basket back, she entwines her free hand with mine, her skin is cool to the touch, yet still just the right amount of soft and little girl. Our steps, and smiles, sync into stride.

And these are the moments that a big life is made of.

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