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I came across this quote the other day and felt that it fell perfectly in line with the beginning of a new year. I’m not the type of person to make a lot of hard-lined resolutions each year, and though I tend to easily reminisce and love to dream big, the act of writing down goals with timelines isn’t something that comes naturally easy for me. Around the first day or two of the new year, I start to see goals, resolutions and bucket lists popping up and realize, “Yeah I should do that.” So off I go writing down some of the steps I need to take and habits I need to make to usher in a few dreams I have swimming in my head for the year to come. For my type-A, list making personality, it’s a little strange how my tendency is to push-back on resolutions or writing out specific goals and maybe it has more to do with the fear of not fulfilling or coming through on them than the actual act of writing them out. I think that’s why this quote stuck out to me at the beginning of this year, this month… this season. Because whether we write out intentions and ambitions or not, whether we start something new or plan to finish something we’ve started, whether we dream big or think small, time will still pass us by. The clock will still tick no matter what we do between each tock. I choose to make those tick-tocks count.
I decided to dress my desktop in this reminder. What is it that I want to see different in my life a year from now? I need to start taking those little steps today. What is it that you want to see different in your life a year from now, the next time we go about setting resolutions and goals?

Dress your desktop along with me, or you can email the file to your phone and set the image as your background or lock screen (that’s what I did!). Just click to download below.

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