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This morning I woke to the cheerful, tooth baring grins and welcome of two little ones. The reunion after a long trip away is always the sweetest, with bouncing heads of curls cuddled into my chest for minutes, with neither party wanting to leave. We stay held in hugs where it seems time stands still and my heart beats the sounds of thankfulness. I’m thankful for their little arms that stretch their way around me as far as they can reach and then hold me there. I’m thankful for an amazing husband and support system that keeps life in full swing, even while I’m gone. And on days where I miss home and feel lonely, on days where I feel stressed or overwhelmed… I still choose to be thankful.

So in honor of this month of thankfulness and to kick off our Monday with a sweet little reminder, I created these tech treats that now decorate my laptop and prompt me to think thankful thoughts each time I flick on my phone.

You can dress up your tech too with these free downloads! Enjoy!

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