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It’s been awhile since I’ve done a ten things post, which usually round up what’s happening around me right now, what I’ve been loving or what I’m looking forward to (couldn’t be more random, right?), so what better way to kick off a new week than to think about some good things. As I sit here rocking my little three month old on this Monday morning, and seeing his happy face, I can’t help but excited for the week. I think everyone can use a dash of excitement on a Monday morning, don’t you?

Photo originally posted on my Instagram feed

Right now…
Crying // I can’t believe this little heart melter is three months old!
Rejoicing // I miss the girl that made me a mama, and she’ll be home this week!
Cleaning // I’m ready to clean up my desk and clean out my inbox. This week deserves a fresh start.
Hoping // My dear friend just sent me a text that labor is starting, I get to meet a new little soul very soon!
Sweating // Maybe we’re headed into cooler weather? Maybe. I guess I’m probably being too hopeful on that one.
Growing // This week starts girl’s group! I’m excited to have a houseful of women each week… reading, learning and growing together.
Enjoying // Afternoon swims with my littles.
Relishing // Pumpkin spice… need I say more?
Listening // Between the cries, laughs and outright hilarious convos with my little ones, I’ve been introducing little ears to the sounds of Mozart and Chopin.
Celebrating // This week my friend catches up to me with the ripe old age of thirty to her name, and we get to eat our way through the day. It’s the little things.

What about you? What can you get excited about for this week?