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I’m currently smiling through heavy lids in Orlando with my family (I’m here for work and my family for play) after spending our early morning hours in the car together driving over after a delayed flight and late arrival home last night. We had one really good, and really short, sleep at home in our own beds (Which felt incredible by the way, isn’t it amazing how much one can miss ones own bed after just a few days away?! Happens to me every time!) before carrying our littles to the car before the sun kissed the horizon. It was a race to beat the sunrise actually, to get our morning, our day, started early. As our tires hugged the stretch of road between home and the heart of Florida where Mickey Mouse, parks and pools reign supreme, Brayden asked us to play a game. And so it began, our hour of absolute thankfulness. I have to admit, I was still sleepy from our trip to LA and flight home, so at first I just wanted to close my eyes and ride in the quiet. Okay, who am I kidding? Our car is never quiet, but the tunes of Christmas music and my littles noises filling the backseat were still alluring. But this thankfulness game? It was just what I needed. As we went through the alphabet (multiple times) and named things we’re grateful for my heart swelled. Sometimes it just takes a little looking, a reminder of what’s important even when we’re sleepy or cranky, but there is so much to be thankful for. From apple pies to my Aria and Aliyah to adventuring together and every other letter of our alphabet filled with goodness… I’m thankful.A frolicking, fun, family Christmas photo shoot at the beach! A frolicking, fun, family Christmas photo shoot at the beach! blue-family-christmas-cards-2016-21 blue-family-christmas-cards-2016-16

I’m thankful for this crew of mine that reminds me, constantly, what is important in life. I’m thankful for nights, long and sleepless as they may be sometimes, that turn into mornings. I’m thankful for love that blooms even on the coldest of days and thankful that for the first time in years, we can all be together today.

And friends, I’m thankful for you. What is it you’re most thankful for? From the big things to the little ones, I hope your celebrations are filled to the brim with goodness today. Happy Thanksgiving!