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The Maternity Series: 36 Weeks
Outfit details: Dress and turquoise ring: TJ Maxx // Bracelet: Brickyard Buffalo 

Our days have been spread between ballet recitals and end-of-the-school year activities with Aliyah, doctors visits (thankfully we’re all finally feeling better!), and slowly making sure we’re prepped and prepared for the coming of this little bunny, including trying to get ahead on some projects and other things that we know we won’t have much time for when he arrives. Needless to say, if I can make it to bed with my eyes open, I call the day a success!

As I quietly fold tiny newborn clothes and stash them in the dresser we recently cleaned out and dream of nights spent rocking and humming lullabies to a sweet, milky little thing, I drift between anxious and happy. But mostly, happy. I’m reminding myself that when those moments arise where I feel inadequate or stressed, it’s time to just breathe. Time doesn’t stop, doesn’t slow, but I can certainly do my best not to speed it up.