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I had a few posts planned, a handful of half-written (although even that’s an overstatement), partially edited photos, written ideas, including one that I meant to finish last night and then decided I’d finish this morning because I couldn’t keep my eyes open last night. All to say, plans have changed.

With the devastation that has rocked Moore, OK and surrounding areas, I feel the need to write and the pull to bring swirling emotions from my heart and head into words. Though it may be a semi ramble of sorts. My own plans and our own issues seem so small and insignificant when looking through a small lens of what other parents are feeling right now in that area. My heart has been rocked by these images, and swells for those families.

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that yesterday Chris flew out of town for a couple of days. While our big girl was in school, Brayden and I took him to the airport, loved on him with sloppy wet goodbyes and headed home… and that’s when our night began. I couldn’t pull into the Target we pass on the 15 minute drive from the cement stretch of airport runway to the cement of our driveway quick enough while our newly potty trained three year old cried out for a bathroom. Little did I know I’d be in that overly lit Target restroom for the next half hour diagnosing a case of the runs while texting to see if Aliyah could stay with a friend until I could get Brayden out of there… since we weren’t going to make it to carpool drop off on time.

Later on that evening, I received a text from Chris that he landed safely at his destination in DC, though his flight was rerouted and had been delayed because of storms. Little did we know at that point the climax of pain those storms had caused.

Today, though our morning consisted of many tired tears and painful coughs, a trip to the doctor and pharmacy and subsequent return home to nurse back to health, I will say that I’m so blessed that I can tend to the exhaustion and ailments of my little ones and care for them. I want to celebrate the fact that I have them under one solid roof and can help them get back to normal life. I want to look at this time with them, even if we all need more sleep and a boosted immune system, as the blessing that it is. Because yesterday, someone would have given anything to have their child at home, under a safe roof, to feed them chicken noodle soup, and now they can’t.

I just recently heard a phrase that hit home to me, “Tomorrow is a gift, not a promise.” In light of what’s happened in our country recently, and in recapping the events of yesterday, this brings tears to my eyes… both in empathy for the loss so many feel and for the immense joy that I have another gift with me right now. I have today with the most precious ones in my life. Today, I celebrate them. I celebrate the small things. I appreciate each little whisper or wailing cry.  I’m blessed by their sweet helping hands as we wash all the bedding and sanitize the bedroom, whispering our own prayers of gratitude that we can, before crawling back in for a much needed rest.

Home with KidsHome with KidsHome with Kids

We’re looking for the beauty, for the angels that arise as the dust begins to settle, because it does come and the wonder of human love that runs to the rescue and sacrifices when needs are exposed is more than beautiful. Oklahoma, we’re holding you in a tender corner of our hearts and praying for your peace.

If you’re like me and have your hands full, there’s an easy way to help by just texting REDCROSS to 90999 and automatically donating $10 to their efforts, or check it out here online.

Update: Pioneer Woman has a great list of different relief efforts to join hands with here.