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Brayden's Under the Sea Birthday Party-33

Through the flame of a flickering and sparkly little blue number three and surrounded by loved ones singing that cute and slightly overused tune (namely, because he asked for us to sing it every day of his birthday-week, multiple times), we ushered in our boy’s third birthday. Wait, I have to say that again, because even though it’s been a couple of weeks, it still hasn’t quite sunk in… he’s THREE.

I still remember his birth oh so clearly, and the joy and crazy happy that he brought to this family from that moment Chris and I reached out together and caught him.

And now, that tiny squeal has become a waterfall of outrageous phrases and quick wit, those squishy little leg rolls are now the strong legs of a runner and Brayden is now our little three year old.

Brayden's Under the Sea Birthday Party-66

So, there’s this movie called The Reefthat has been fascinating our littlest since the first time he watched it. Yes, we are a home of movie lovers… and our kids get excited about going to the theater to catch a flick and have been sitting through them like a boss since they really were wee ones. And though we offered suggestions for multiple ideas for a party, including a “movie theater” and others, since we had a water themed party for the big One, he would answer, “I really want a reef party and M&M cookies.”

So a reef party with M&M cookies is what we had.

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This wasn’t too hard of a party to put together, once we settled on decor colors and good eats. With the decision of a breakfast cereal buffet, we took the little guy shopping and let him pick out a few of the most sugary, colorful cereals that he wanted and doesn’t usually get. After all, Holidays are for sugar, right? Add in some waffles cut in fourths and dipped in chocolate and sprinkles and you’ve got some shark teeth shaped breakfast bites.

Brayden's Under the Sea Birthday Party-46Brayden's Under the Sea Birthday Party-45_2Brayden's Under the Sea Birthday Party-12

Our original plan was for an outdoor party by the pool, but since Florida gave us a couple random weekends of winter, we embraced the change, moved the party inside the night before and all was well. With a bazooka load of blue poster boards, scissors and tape… and an amazing friend willing to cut and tape, and cut and tape, and cut and tape some more, our living room was transformed into an under-the-sea adventure. Throw in some paper lanterns that we had from a previous party, a large fishing net with a few of the birthday boy’s snapshots attached, a slew of sea creature pool inflatables and cute printables, like this set that I collaborated on with another sweet friend (which, by the way, her shop is limited right now as she’s taking care of some family things… but she’ll be back soon with a shop full of birthday goodies) and the party was a swimming success, full bubbles and blue, adorable little friends and sticky, happy faces.

Brayden's Under the Sea Birthday Party-52_2Brayden's Under the Sea Birthday Party-51
A drawstring bag of goodies for the kiddos, including bubbles, a shark squirter, fish bouncy balls, fish sucker ring, sunglasses, play dough, slinky, stamps and of course, a tattoo. 

A lil’ sugar goes a long way. And some frozen ice caps melt any kind of party blues (the wrong shade of blue, I might add) away.
Brayden's Under the Sea Birthday Party-47Brayden's Under the Sea Birthday Party-42_2Brayden's Under the Sea Birthday Party-40_2
Brayden's Under the Sea Birthday Party-38_2Brayden's Under the Sea Birthday Party-36Brayden's Under the Sea Birthday Party-31_2

I couldn’t help but smile, big mama smiles where if anyone were listening close enough they’d be able to hear my proud mama whispers through upturned lips. Brayden was beaming, he knew that this was for him, a special day celebrating his life and how blessed we are to have him in ours… and he was beaming too. That is until it was time to come out swinging for the piñata, then it was all business.

Love the way big sis is cheering him on…
Brayden's Under the Sea Birthday Party-kidsBrayden's Under the Sea Birthday Party-22Brayden's Under the Sea Birthday Party-29_2

Little three year old, I couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate you and your special day than doing exactly what it is that you wanted. You’ve made my heart happy since the day you arrived in my arms and showed me there was room for so much more love than I ever knew could exist in one heart.

Little three year old, you are loved. And I love that you know it.

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Vendor Credits:
Photography:: Relish Studios
All Paper Printables:: Luvalexa
Lanterns:: We re-used from our Alice in Wonderland Party
Inflatable Pool Toys, Piñata, Party Favors and Fishing Net:: Amazon