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gift guide - A Valentine's Day Gift Guide for the Littles

Not that anyone needs an excuse to lavish some extra love on our littles, but if you’re looking for a sweet gift for your littlest Valentine, these Valentine’s Day Gift  Ideas for children is a round-up that made my heart go pitter patter. I don’t think anyone likes opening presents as much as my growing brood, and I have to say, I love giving them things to open 🙂 In fact, they’re already asking me if I have little surprises in my suitcase to bring home for them from this trip. For sure there will be no shortage of kisses and hugs, but some heart and arrows are also on my radar this love season!

Also? I’m getting so excited about having a baby in the house again soon!


 Cute Valentines Day Gift Ideas for Children:


1/ How sweet is this Red Woven Scarf for the girly-girl!

2/ Everyone loves some candy right? Let them indulge a little and share some Gummy Lips. Kiss, kiss.

3/ Add some love to her ‘do with a Love Bobbi  or two.

4/ Make it yourself and let them play with DIY Playdough (and cookies)… you cake bake them up and eat them after they’re done! Hows that for cleanup?

5/ Sparkly Heart Sunglasses

6/ Teach them young! Haha, my kiddos learned how to sign I love you as soon as their fingers would allow. Wooden “I Love You” sign-language teether

7/ Cuddle your sweetheart in this sweet Heart Romper.

8/ I’m such a fan of babywearing, and though I haven’t tried Solly Baby Wrap yet, it’s on my list for this next go-round!

9/ I’m swooning over these Heart Boxer Briefs! Little men are so adorable in boxer briefs and these are just way too cute.

10/ I LOVE my cross blanket from Spearmint Love and this Heart Blanket just screams love day!

11/ Let them help out with this DIY Cupid Bow and Arrow Set! The fun of making it is almost as fun as playing with it. 

12/ Because bows and arrows are adorns on both the boys and girls, you can’t go wrong with a Bow and Arrow Onesie!


Okay friends… and now I want to shop, or make cookies! Haha. Seriously, the play dough that can become cookies is such a fun thing (just wash hands before playing in it), you AND your kiddos will have a blast with it.


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Do you have plans for Valentine’s Day this year?!


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