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I forgot what it was like to get dressed in the morning in the months after baby while in the nursing stage. I bounced back pretty quickly to fit into some of my pre-baby clothes, but that doesn’t mean that my closet is completely open for business. All those cute sundresses? Nope, not unless I want to pull the entire thing up when it’s time to nurse, and well, that isn’t an option. I like nursing discreetly. So while I can shimmy into skinny jeans and leggings and love my maxi skirts… my closet rotation goes about as far as my tank top collection allows. Recently while traveling with my newborn little companion, I had to make sure that I was comfortable on the airplane while still able to nurse easily and quickly. The result wasn’t too far from what I’d normally travel in anyway… clothing that feels almost like pajamas. Layers are important since planes seem to go from cold to hot in minutes, and knit pants make for comfortable travel while still looking chic and are so versatile. I switch between sandals, flats and boots depending on the season and the weather. A nursing camisole or long tank camisole are a must to wear under a loose tee for easy nursing, and of course a lightweight scarf looks great and can easily be used as a cover when needed. For cooler seasons, throwing a leather jacket on top pulls the look together stylishly and adds another layer of warmth, and I love taking the weight of the leather out of my suitcase (Meaning I get to pack more shoes! Ha.).

What do you like to wear when you travel? Something stylish, or do you go for total comfort?

Happy travels!