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Free background download for June from Fresh Mommy Blog!

Happy June! Starting off this month big and bold! This past week was a long one, and we’ve got a long list to go… did I mention that we’re moving? Yep, in TWO WEEKS. And this past weekend? We finally bought some boxes and decided to start packing. Anyway. There are some fun things in the works for this space, as well as changes in our own lives, starting with a new place (still will be renting and still in the same city, though not quite as big as our cross-country move, packing up three littles is not a small feat!). So this month, I’m keeping some encouragement in front of me, literally, with some backgrounds on my computer and devices.

free backgrounds for June! Be brave with your life, love does and you do you from Fresh Mommy Blog.Want some for yourself, just download below! And thanks to my friend Briony for whipping up these designs for us 😉you do you free background download

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 be brave with your life
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love does
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I’d love to hear which ones you like, downloaded or if any of these words apply to you! 

Tabitha Blue
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