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You've Got ThisHappy Monday friends! To start off our week on a color-me-happy note, I thought I’d share these inspiring desktop and other tech device backgrounds with you! Words like You’ve Got This, You Don’t Have to Do it All and Say Yes More have been on my mind lately – maybe with the sentiment a new year brings. With that said, I want to keep motivated to make things happen this year, which means not being afraid to say yes more… to the right things. It means knowing the things I can do, and doing them well, and yet knowing I don’t have to do it all. It means believing I’ve got this.m_82_pf_open_white 048


Check out all three designs by my friends Briony that hopefully inspire you as well, and if you love them you can download them for yourself.  you don't have to do it all

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say yes more
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you've got this
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I’d love to hear which ones you like, downloaded or if any of these words apply to you! Do you have other aspirations you want to live by this year?
Tabitha Blue