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20 weeks

I’ve made it halfway, and our Baby Boy Blue is almost 10 inches long! At this point, he’s really started growing, and my popping belly is evident.

And so, the belly pictures begin.

To my Baby Boy Blue:
We were so excited to find out we are having a boy. We’ve have a boy name picked out for awhile, and already have a couple of cute little outfits tucked away. You wiggle all over my belly, and I love it! I love feeling you move. We just sit and watch your ultrasound clips, with you moving around, healthy and full of life. You’ve made momma pretty tired this week, and as daddy was snapping this week’s photo, I couldn’t help a full-on yawn… he captured it! So it’s a perfect reminder of the rest I’ve been trying to get this week. We are finally getting a room cleaned out for you, and your sister is pretty excited to meet you. I think she’s going to try and take care of you as much as we’ll let her. She already calls you ‘her baby.’ We can’t wait to meet you!

P.S. Thanks to my friend Ryan for this Maternity Series inspiration.