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3 Reasons Why a Girls Weekend is Still Important When You're Married featured by top Florida lifestyle blog, Fresh Mommy BlogIt happens all the time. I’ll take that trip when I have a little more time. When we hit our goal weight, we’ll go. I’ll start taking care of myself when the kids are older. I’ll start working out for the new year… and the list goes on. It’s so easy to put off the things that benefit us, that stir us up. We wait to embrace the things that feed our soul.

As mamas, wives, entrepreneurs, students and more… life gets busy. Our schedules feel full. There are so many needs to fill and deadlines to meet that many times we put off what is so good for us. 

But here’s the thing. There’s never enough time, money or energy. There’s never the “perfect” storm of circumstances. 


A girls weekend is typically something that is pushed out of our minds because LIFE. There are bills and there are people that count on us. Travel happens with family, whether that be with kids or even just the husband (and BOTH are incredible!!), but there also comes a time where it’s good for you to break away from the normal routine and experience something else, something new, where you don’t have to focus on or take care of anyone but yourself. 



Speaking of taking care of yourself… a girls weekend allows you to be surrounded by people that lift you up and inspire you (if you plan it the right way), and gives you a break from tending to the needs of someone else. No diaper duty here. 

The key here is finding the right tribe, the right place; and then making it happen. Who lifts you up? Who challenges and encourages you? Who helps you set goals and reach forward rather than dwell on the past?

I love what fellow O Magazine Insider Jenn Powell said in a post about finding your tribe,

“Surround yourself with like-minded, goal setting, achieving women and you will thrive. Not only will it make you happier, you will have a tribe of women that HELP you achieve.”

And another Insider, Shelley Webb, said this about friendships, “we wanted to get out of our comfort zones and reach a new goal so we inspired each other to give it our best shot!”

3 Reasons Why a Girls Weekend is Still Important When You're Married featured by top Florida lifestyle blog, Fresh Mommy Blog


Have you ever found yourself in a new environment and just felt an exhale of relief? There have been times that just getting away from a house full of waiting projects, or the normal routine of the day-to-day, has completely invigorated me. It wasn’t a big conference (though they are great too), or a complete day away from life… it was just a change in scenery. 

There’s even a term, psychogeography, which first came about in Paris in the 1950s with the work Guy Debord which is “The study of the specific effects of the geographical environment, consciously organized or not, on the emotions and behavior of individuals.” Basically, they’ve studied what kind of terrain draws us, and it usually has to do with nature. All of that to say, find what inspires YOU. Drop your usual movement and action for scenery that draws your attention, that refreshes you.

Another #OMagInsider, Annita Thomas (who I happen to be cruising with this coming week an amazing Caribbean Adventure of Your Life Cruise with O Magazine and Holland America!), shared these wise words in an article on Essence all about the getaway…

“Leave home any work, excessive luggage, drama and any guilt on what and who was left behind. This is your opportunity to refill your cup.”


3 Reasons Why a Girls Weekend is Still Important When You're Married featured by top Florida lifestyle blog, Fresh Mommy Blog


With the inundation of to-do lists and deadlines, laundry and diapers, dinner that needs to be made and dishes that need to be cleaned, it’s no wonder we put off the things that truly make us come alive. And really, we don’t usually even have a lot of time to spend thinking about those things, let alone doing them. 

And while I’m not perfect in this area and still navigating the water of fluid priorities, I’ve found that taking those times away, whether it’s in moments here and there… or in the thrill of a trip, helps me to be more productive in work and present for my little ones, it helps me see the beauty in how I spend the rest of the time… from the big things to the necessary things. 

I love what my friend (and oh hey, another OMag Insider!), Amber, said on her site about prioritizing a girls weekend…

“If you have been putting off a girls’ trip because you feel like its too selfish or vacation time is too limited I hope you will reconsider. A girls’ trip may be exactly what you need in order to give your family the best version of yourself. I know that was true for me.”


3 Reasons Why a Girls Weekend is Still Important When You're Married featured by top Florida lifestyle blog, Fresh Mommy Blog 3 Reasons Why a Girls Weekend is Still Important When You're Married featured by top Florida lifestyle blog, Fresh Mommy Blog


So tell me, what have you done lately to make your heart sing? Have you taken a moment away from the norm? Have you gone on a girls weekend? I’d love to hear about it!

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