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Now that I’m home for a good while, we’re getting back into the routine and flow of family life, and that means family days out. Though the weather most days this past weekend read HOT on the scale with a bout of humidity thrown in, we spent a recent morning blueberry picking in the thick of it. While the digits climbed, so did the stack of blueberries in our buckets, that is until Skylar tried one and then it was all, “mmmmmm,” as he plucked them and into his mouth they went.A day out with Gymboree and Kiwi Crate-24A day out with Gymboree and Kiwi Crate-9 A day out with Gymboree and Kiwi Crate-2 A day out with Gymboree and Kiwi Crate-1 A day out with Gymboree and Kiwi Crate-3 A day out with Gymboree and Kiwi Crate-7 A day out with Gymboree and Kiwi Crate-6 A day out with Gymboree and Kiwi Crate-4 A day out with Gymboree and Kiwi Crate-8

The rest of us easily took on the brunt of the picking, since the blueberries were plentiful and the bushes were full. It was grand, and it was hot. With less than an hour clocked in, cheeks were growing red, hair was sticky with sweat and everyone started moving at a turtle’s pace. One thing I’ve grown to learn, especially with three kids in tow, is that things don’t always go according to plan. I used to have diverse schemes and ideas in my head for what a day should look like, or what a trip to a blueberry picking patch would look like, and then watch my expectations get tossed in the wind along with the dirt swirling around and into my kids’ eyes. I used to let it bother me when my vision didn’t come to pass, because well, then was it all in vain? A failed attempt? What I’ve grown to realize is that our children don’t need a grand scheme or planned out vision board to have a great day. They need me… moms, they need you.

They need us to see how full their buckets are. They need us to get excited when they jump off of a pile of sand and pretend it’s a mountain, too. They need us to laugh when they make jokes and eat blueberries with a funny noise. They need us to find a “potty” when we’re in the middle of a farm. They need us to smile and love and teach… and then learn right along with them. 

So this day when we set out on an adventure, I let the rhythm of the day ebb and flow with them, with us. I prepared, yes, with picnic blankets, extra clothes and activities… but I didn’t let those preparations become more important that the little lives they were meant to help.A day out with Gymboree and Kiwi Crate-10

While the thermometer digits continued to rise and our buckets began to fill, we called it before heat-soaked little bodies gave in to the whine (you know the one!), and found ourselves at a little park area to rest in the shade and take on the next adventure.

Mothering really is like mastering a certain tug-o-war between being prepared and letting it go. With little to no preparation, it seems the day can quickly go awry, and yet when over scheduling three little bodies that have big personalities without leaving room for change we feel less than accomplished. The thing that is easy to forget is that what our children need from us is presence over so much else. What do we want from this time with our children? When we get down to it, it’s more than just to pass the time or to cross something off the list, it goes deeper than words can even reach, but at the heart of it all is time… time spent together.A day out with Gymboree and Kiwi Crate-16 A day out with Gymboree and Kiwi Crate-11

So in the cool shade of a tree, we pulled out another bit of preparation to keep busy minds active. I’ve been wanting to try Kiwi Crate (a monthly subscription box of learning and crafts for kids!) and this mini box created in partnership with Gymboree and their new playful Hop n’ Roll line to keep up with our little’s rhythm of play, was a perfect way to start!A day out with Gymboree and Kiwi Crate-25 A day out with Gymboree and Kiwi Crate-15 A day out with Gymboree and Kiwi Crate-12 A day out with Gymboree and Kiwi Crate-17 A day out with Gymboree and Kiwi Crate-13 A day out with Gymboree and Kiwi Crate-18

We fully enjoyed the fun, limited edition mini crate from Kiwi Crate where the proceeds from this $5 box go to Kaboom, an organization focused on bringing active play to the lives of kids, as we learned about wind power and crafted wind cars… of course to race when complete! Another plus? The Hop n’ Roll paper dolls included in the box that Aliyah totally loved. Do you remember playing with paper dolls? They were one of my favorite childhood things!A day out with Gymboree and Kiwi Crate-19 A day out with Gymboree and Kiwi Crate-20 A day out with Gymboree and Kiwi Crate-21 A day out with Gymboree and Kiwi Crate-22 A day out with Gymboree and Kiwi Crate-23

Love these people of mine!

I have to say, before three kids I have never been more tired, fulfilled or exhausted. I feel like I could sleep for days if I had the chance, but then, I’d miss something fun or exciting, because really there is never a dull moment. Like right now, Skylar just ran out of my room and locked himself in another… I can hear him! Time to wrap it up.

Tell me mamas, what do you like to do to be prepared for the day? And then how to you adjust when things don’t all go as planned?

Happy Hump Day friends!

On kids: Aliyah’s dress, Skylar’s shirt and sandals, Brayden’s shirt and shorts ℅ Gymboree and their Hop n’ Roll line. On me: Old Navy shirt, Zara jeans, Tkees sandals


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