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I’ve been a fan, and a self-proclaimed advocate, of Lifeproof cases for our iPhones for awhile now. Ever since trying them out a year ago, I’ve barely had my phone without the case on… and one of the very few times that I have, I dropped it to it’s fate of a shattered front and back!

Now that I’ve got an un-shattered, working phone with a screen that I can actually use, I didn’t want to leave it unprotected… and went straight back to Lifeproof to keep it wrapped up in a colorful little bow.

And because one of our favorite places to spend our warmer days of summer is in the crystal blue water of our pool or heading out to the salty air and sandy line of the nearby coastal beach, I’ve got the phone covered, literally… and underwater pictures and video will be taken at random, and probably way too often.

Let the summer fun begin!

underwater collage

Underwater pics via my instagram!

lifeproof 4lifeproof 3

Since it’s so much more fun to tell you about something that I love to use by giving one away, you have a chance to win your own LifeProof case in your choice of fun colors, like red or teal! I went with a bright and cheery yellow this time, and my phone slides right into the sleek case, where all the features are still functional. Since the cases are waterproof, dirt proof, snow proof and shock proof, I don’t worry about my kids carrying my phone around taking random photos of the puppy or playing games or going to make music videos in the pool. Seriously, this thing gets swiped all the time, and dropped.

lifeproof 6lifeproof 7lifeproof 8
lifeproof 2lifeproof 5

I think this case just became my favorite new accessory for summer, again… since we always seem to be sun-screened and wet, salty and sandy, or spilling something all over the counter (With two kids and a puppy, there are bound to be spills, right? Or is it just us?).

lifeproof float 1lifeproof float 3

Shown here with the Lifejacket Float and the wristband attached.
lifeproof float 5

So what are some of your fun summer plans? We’re gearing up to create our summer bucket list which I’m sure will include lots of water activities… although the top line item is already “Have a Baby!” Our little bunny’s arrival is coming soon.

lifeproof car mount

Shown here with the Car Mount, perfect for using Navigation apps!

lifeproof arm band

Shown here with the Armband… something my husband was most excited about! He’d been using a makeshift armband for his workout, and now his phone just clicks right in, there isn’t a worry about it falling out, and he can still access all of the functions, like the headphone jack.

Good luck, sweet friends, and happy summer planning!

Giveaway Sponsored by LifeProof, which has become so popular, it’s recently been acquired by OtterBox, the number 1 selling case. All opinions in this post are my own. 
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