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That is really all I can find in the deep reservoirs of adverbs and adjectives that I so devotedly dig through to describe the last 36+ hours I spent hibernating in the walls of my home, our very own cave that is really anything but.

This weekend was a compete whirlwind colliding my worlds of ever loving mommying, holiday planning with a full on party and feast, inspiration finding and cross-state trotting into one big beautiful encounter that left me completely breathless.

And there is so much to tell. Which means there will be much more to come.  But for now, I’ve got a bag to pack and a flight to catch, and so I’ll leave you with a quick Hipstamatic overview of my little tryst with the tropical paradise of Miami.  South Beach to be exact.


A little Holiday pick-me-up from Starbucks in Charlotte on the way there. Viewing the Holocaust Memorial in Miami Beach, as my heart sank and a tear fell for the victims. The Heavenly side of traveling solo… doing what you want. Translation = Mani/Pedi.  Waking the beach. Green tea and candy to keep me peppy during hours of meetings. Palm trees. A ride in the taxi. Eating poolside. Ready to come home to scoop up my littles into my empty arms and rest my head on Chris’ shoulder. Waiting in the World Club, (I used my time to iChat with Aliyah!) while my flight was delayed thrice over.

Have a wonderful week friends! Maybe I’ll see you in Seattle.