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With Valentine’s day right around the corner, we decided to up the love ante and play with Cupid’s bow and arrow for a little bit. Of course, mama has a few plans up her sleeve and a little project in the works that we’ll be sharing soon, but for now, the kids have just been having fun pretending to shoot our own homemade arrows!

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To begin, I just sent the kids into the yard to collect sticks, and they proceeded to return with branches of all shapes and sizes on their fun journey of collecting wood. I set about going through the pile to find a couple of small straight-ish sticks for the arrows and also found this near perfect curved stick to use as the bow. As for all of the leftovers? Well, Aliyah took care of that by declaring that we have firewood ready for a nice chilly night. A good idea indeed.

Cupid's Bow and Arrow-10

To make your own bow and arrow set, just tie a string securely on the ends of the stick you’re using for the bow. Then just create about a two inch red heart on your computer and print (or find one online) a few copies on cardstock, cut out the hearts and hot glue to the end of the sticks with the point facing the away from the stick.

Cupid's Bow and Arrow-11Cupid's Bow and Arrow-12Cupid's Bow and Arrow-13Cupid's Bow and Arrow-14Cupid's Bow and Arrow-15

Once the hearts are glued onto one end of the stick, cut out white rectangles from the remaining cardstock scraps and glue to the opposite end of the stick, covering both sides and both ends of each stick you want to use as an arrow. Once complete, just cut notches out of the white rectangles to give it an “arrow” look.

Cupid's Bow and Arrow-16Cupid's Bow and Arrow-17

Then, have fun playing the darling little angel of love!

Cupid's Bow and Arrow-22
Happy crafting!



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