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We’re three episodes in to our new #HousetoHome series and I have to say, a full home remod is a lot of work! It’s been like having a second full-time job! We’ve been on schedule and then behind schedule and then going with the flow according to an adjusted schedule. So, while we haven’t moved in yet, progress is happening! Our most recent episode shows one of my favorite DIYs in the house so far… the DIY Pallet Climbing Wall in the boy’s room. They LOVE it. It was actually really easy to put together (especially with the right tools, ie. saw + nail gun), and the fact that we wanted it to look a little rustic and have texture and dimension helped! This way, nothing had to be perfect, or perfectly measured. Spaces that showed or gaps in the wood were just covered with another piece to add that dimension needed for climbing. Then of course, the added rock climbing holds make scaling this climbing wall a feat to be conquered (and a doable one for my littles).

Friends, I’d be SO thrilled if you checked out this DIY Pallet Climbing Wall episode (and the series if you haven’t yet!) and let me know what you think!!

When planning this room, I created an Inspiration Board for this shared boy’s room to help see how all of the items and elements would pair together. I wanted to overall look to be a bit masculine for the boys, without getting overly adult and yet staying away from being too juvenile. I think the balance came out well so far! I’ll be adding in a little whimsy as we bring in furniture and decor, but I also want the overall theme to open up their imagination and allow for a lot of dreaming and plenty of play!

Using the bunkbed we already have for them, I just wanted to update their bedding, and loved the world map and stars sheet sets from H&M home. Adding in the mountainscape paint added in another interesting element to the room, and I thought we could carry it out a little more with a faux set of antlers and some fun art on the wall. We decided to leave out a ceiling fan from this room when we added the recessed lighting, since the ceiling is not ultra tall in the boy’s room and with all the climbing that will be going on, we felt it safer to add a light instead… but no one said the light had to be boring!

DIY Pallet Climbing Wall tutorial and video of this shared boy's room!