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vintage wheel mobile

We picked up this old bike wheel awhile ago to make a mobile out of it for the kid’s combined room. I was undecided on what to hang from it and let the wheel sit in the corner of my office for awhile until this 6 months pregnant and nesting thing kicked in and I knew I needed to get the wheel hung, stat.

In answer to this need for cleaning up our spaces, I asked hubby to pick up a newspaper so I could play with the comics section, and got to work.

vintage wheel mobile
Comics or book pages
A few sheets of card stock
Glue stick
A bike wheel
Fish wire
A few small clips
A ceiling hook

To start I stacked a couple pages of the comics section (with a piece of card stock in between), drew a few different shapes of clouds and cut the clouds out of the stack. Next it was just glueing the stack together so it made a thicker, and thus stronger, cloud. Here’s where you can get creative! Think of whatever shapes and designs you’d like to hang. And mix up the patterns with colors. You could even use some favorite fabric scraps since it’s being glued to cardstock anyway.

From there is was just cutting out three even lengths of fishing wire to hang the wheel to the ceiling and a few random pieces to hang the clouds. Then, I just tied off the wire to the wheel and to the clips and snapped the clouds in place.

Note: If the fishing wire doesn’t straighten out within a few days, I may replace it with a different kind of wire so the clouds hang a little straighter.

vintage wheel mobile

I think this turned out so fun and whimsical in their space. Have fun thinking up some colorful and creative ideas with this… and if you make one, I’d love to know!