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I styled my photos with the Kleenex Brand Ready to Care Collection by Betsey Johnson with a sponsored series with Socialstars. #KleenexBetseyStyle

There is something I remember from my childhood days and a tradition that I have carried over into my own family… the sick tray. Though the term doesn’t sound very appealing, and honestly I should probably come up with a new name for it, the sweet nostalgia of it reminds me of home, and being taken care of. Certainly, being sick is never fun, and as everyone agrees, we all want our mamas when not feeling well… but this was always something my mom would do that meant so much. It was the thing I looked forward to when sick. The concept may sound strange, but it was really something that made me feel so cared for and better, and isn’t that what it’s all about? Now that I’m a mom myself, this is one of the traditions that I’ve carried on. Thankfully we don’t need it all too often in our home, but for instances where we do, like my husbands recent bout with pneumonia, the sick tray is something I think about.
Kleenex - Spread the Love, Not the Germs

When Kleenex challenged me with how I can spread some love in honor of Lover’s Day next month, well I knew that I needed to share that taking care of my loved ones always included a box of Kleenex brand tissue. The next time someone isn’t feeling well, try creating your own tray of goodies to meet their needs and cheer them up. Ours always include a bell (to ring for help when needed), tissue, sanitizing spray (I make my own), something pretty like a flower or bit of decor, a cup of something warm (broth or tea), and then any extras or medicines needed. What else would you do to add that special touch, showing someone love while taking care of them?Kleenex - Spread the Love, Not the Germs-9 - Spread the Love, Not the Germs-7

Of course the new Kleenex Brand Ready to Care Collection by Betsey Johnson takes it up a whole level in style and design! Since I’m always one that’s a sucker for great aesthetics, I couldn’t help but create a tray that makes anyone feel better, whether sick or not! How great would it be to give a little extra love with a morning cup of coffee or late night snack on a tray? Or create your own morning tray to have near you while you get ready in the morning… that special “you” time. Or what about creating a welcome tray for a guest room when friends or family come to stay with you? Kleenex - Spread the Love, Not the Germs-8

I totally have a collection of trays in my home, and now I’m inspired to leave styled trays all around spreading little bits of love and that feeling of “pick-me-up” throughout the day. Go ahead, try it… curate your trays with items you love, adding elements of texture, color and design.Kleenex - Spread the Love, Not the Germs-14Kleenex Brand Ready to Care Collection by Betsey Johnson #KleenexBetseyStyle

Another thing that says “love” and is a genuine “pick-me-up” is leaving sweet little notes for loved ones to find. My kids are head over heels for the Kleenex Brand tissue packs from the same Betsey Johnson line, Aliyah being all about that zippered design! I usually keep a stash of these in my purses, and am always sharing with people around me (yep, I’ve totally got the “mama” bag!). So why not up your lovin’ game and hand-write a few notes to leave for someone to find.

Full disclosure, I actually had a few of these in my bag and when I went to use a tissue I found a note. I know I’m the one that wrote it, but it still made me smile! 🙂#KleenexBetseyStyle#KleenexBetseyStyle#KleenexBetseyStyle

So what do you think, how can you spread some love for Lover’s Day this year? I think I’m going to repurpose those Betsey Johnson Kleenex boxes into postcards when empty!


Tabitha Blue

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