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Hey loves! Today is fun because there are actually a couple of posts coming today… and the first is brought to you by a spring video collaboration I did with some blog friends! We’ve all come to the table (or videos) with something different… and something that has to do with spring. And so for me, what else feels more like spring than Spring cleaning! Sounds fun right?

Well, when it has to do with your beauty products, it actually can be. I’ve cleaned out and cleaned up my entire vanity area, and it’s really become a welcoming place where I like to get ready… and let’s face it, where I like to play with makeup.

So while you’re cleaning out your vanity area with me, you can hop along to the other fun videos in this spring collab series and get excited about their spring beauty recommendations and everything else they’re sharing about spring. And you guys, this was fun to do, but I think it’s even more fun because of everyone involved. I feel like the oddball in a sense because my video is about cleaning. CLEANING. But you know what? I feel so settled and happy in a clean and organized space, and so there it is… and you can feel that way too, and easily!

Oh yeah, and watch through to the end for bloopers! Then you’ve got to check out the videos linked up below!


Meg: blog | youtube
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Kristy: blog | youtube
Whitney: blog | youtube
And a few snapshots for sorting out that vanity so you can enjoy all the new makeup and beauty trends for the season! Spring Cleaning and Organize Your Vanity - Tips from Fresh Mommy Blog-9
Spring Cleaning and Organize Your Vanity-5Spring Cleaning and Organize Your Vanity - Tips from Fresh Mommy Blog-1Spring Cleaning and Organize Your Vanity - Tips from Fresh Mommy Blog-12
What gets you excited for spring?!
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