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Having a well organized and beautifully styled vanity just makes you feel good, about well, making yourself look and feel good. When the space where I get ready each morning to take on the day is a place I want to be in, it makes for such a better morning (because I don’t know about you, but mornings aren’t always my finest of moments)!Sort out and clean up your bathroom vanity so you feel great getting ready for the day!

 Vanity Organization Ideas:

With three wee ones, the little bit of time I have to myself in the morning needs to count, and I know your’s does too… So get ready for some spring cleaning! Today we’re going to start with your vanity, and then head over to Our Holly Days for more from an organization series this post is a part of!

First, like any organization project, empty out the spaces you plan to clean out so you can start with a fresh slate. We’re not going to get into the bathroom linen closet today, we’re really just focusing on your makeup and beauty products, and what you have in your vanity area. Baby steps, it’s all about the baby steps since it can be easy to take on too much in one sitting and get discouraged in the process. 

Start with your makeup. For me, between monthly subscription boxes I’ve had to birthday Sephora shopping sprees, I’ve got quite a bit. Here though, it’s important to stick to a strict expiration schedule, as makeup can deteriorate and be unhealthy for you to use on your skin. 

As you’re sorting through those tubes, sticks and compacts, try to keep the below expiration dates in mind. (I have to be honest, I had to toss quite a bit!)

Foundation: 3-6 months
Concealer: Wand applicator concealers should be tossed within 6 months since they’re likely to grow bacteria. Stick, twist-up tubes, or compact concealers can last up to 12 months, especially if you use a makeup brush to apply the product.
Pressed powder cosmetics: Facial powder, blush and eyeshadow should be thrown out after one year. If you get an eye infection, however, you’ll have to toss out any eyeshadow you’ve used, to avoid re-infecting yourself.
Lip gloss and lipstick: 1 year
Mascara: 3 months. Toss it immediately if it becomes dry, or you develop an eye infection.
Eye and lip pencils: If you sharpen them every few days, makeup pencils can last a year or longer. 
All-natural cosmetics: Because these products do not contain preservatives, they should be used or discarded within 6 months.

Now, let’s get to the rest of the vanity. Clean out your bathroom drawer and sort through hair products with the same vigilance you gave your makeup bag and ditch anything that you haven’t used in at least a year, any outdated products or those empty tubes we sometimes don’t want to toss. Once you’ve cleared away old, outdated product or culled out makeup colors that just don’t work for you, it’s time to get it organized! 

Here are two main ways to put it all back together so you feel great in your cleaned out bathroom space:

Sort it.

I’ve used a small three-drawer organizer for my makeup for years now, and it keeps everything sorted into the three main categories they fall into: Lips, Eyes, Face. Of course a trusty little label maker makes this easy to see, but even without the labeling, it’s really easy to find what I need.Spring Cleaning and Organize Your Vanity-1Spring Cleaning and Organize Your Vanity - Tips from Fresh Mommy Blog-6

For all of my face care products, from the items I use daily to the at home spa treatments I like to keep on hand, as well as all of my hair products (I have naturally curly hair and live in a humid state, so products are my friend!), I found these really sleek copper containers at Home Goods to keep things sorted and everything in it’s place. Now it’s so easy for me to grab the basket of face products when I wash my face in the morning and night, or pull up hair products when I need them, and then stow the whole bin out of sight when not in use.Spring Cleaning and Organize Your Vanity - Tips from Fresh Mommy Blog-7

For bathroom drawers, I’ve found that kitchen flatware sorters are perfect for keeping all those little bathroom necessities in place. I also have a few little bowls to keep hair ties and other items sorted and from rolling around as we open and close the drawers.Spring Cleaning and Organize Your Vanity - Tips from Fresh Mommy Blog-1

Display it.

The first rule of my vanity organization ideas is that everything has it’s place. Of course, we’ve sorted and cleaned out our drawers and under-sink cabinets… but sometimes displaying our beauty items for all to see is the perfect place for them!

Here, you can use different glass containers, jars, used candle vessels, trays, etc, and make your vanity a pretty place. 

Use a tray to hold items that look beautiful or that you use often, like lotions, perfume, and a few small makeup items. On the gold tray displayed on my bathroom counter, I also have a cleaned out candle jar and another mercury glass container displaying my makeup brushes. Spring Cleaning and Organize Your Vanity - Tips from Fresh Mommy Blog-4 Spring Cleaning and Organize Your Vanity - Tips from Fresh Mommy Blog-5

Clear glass containers are also great for holding things like cotton swabs and cotton balls, as well as nail polish bottles! Besides making a pretty display, having items shown in an easy-to-view vessel also gives an incentive to keeping things well sorted and organized.Spring Cleaning and Organize Your Vanity - Tips from Fresh Mommy Blog-10 

After you have a cleaned up and cleared out space, it’s fairly easy to keep it up. Having an organized space makes me feel great and I know that spending just a little time making your space work for you goes a long way. Spring Cleaning and Organize Your Vanity - Tips from Fresh Mommy Blog-12So what about you, do you have any vanity organization ideas for keeping your vanity sorted and looking great? Go ahead and share. Oh, and happy sorting!


Tabitha Blue