An essential oil medicine cabinet makeover, for natural healthy alternatives without the side effects!MEDICINE CABINET MAKEOVER WITH ESSENTIAL OILS

There are so many of us on a journey to a more natural life. Cutting out the toxins and using more holistic remedies for our bodies… and many times that desire comes when kids come into the picture. All of a sudden we start to think a little more about what we’re putting into and onto our bodies. That and the help of so much more information available and research that shows just what kind of toll chemicals have on our bodies. 

Lately, I’ve been asked more and more just where to start because it can seem overwhelming. Today I’m going to give you some tips and alternatives that will help you rid your medicine cabinet of harmful chemicals and give it a natural makeover! Read on for a few oils that would be a great starting point for your medicine cabinet and can relieve a myriad of symptoms. Natural remedies can sometimes work a little slower than synthetic, but using them at the start of any symptom helps the relief to take effect more quickly and the long term effects are much cleaner and healthier for your body.An essential oil medicine cabinet makeover, for natural healthy alternatives without the side effects! 

Headaches/Body/Muscle Aches:

Just a drop of oil (diluted) on the effected area, and not close to eyes, helps to bring relief. While pregnant, I stick with peppermint oil as Birch is in Amend+, and while it’s a GREAT pain reliever it’s an oil to avoid when pregnant. 

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Ear Infections:




  • Peppermint Essential Oil – Diffuse and apply to soles of feet to relieve brain fog. Apply to back of neck and temples (diluted) for headaches. Rub on stomach for cramps, indigestion and gas. Apply to area of pain for body cramps.

Stress Relief/Sleep:

  • Lavender Essential Oil – Diffuse, apply to soles of feet and back of neck to induce calm
  • Bliss Essential Oil Blend – Diffuse throughout the day to relieve stress. Apply to soles of feet at bedtime to promote sleep and rest.
  • Eucalyptus Essential Oil – Diffuse, apply to soles of feet or dilute and apply to chest to relieve congestion for better sleep

Healing salve and sanitizing spray are great to keep on hand and especially in your purse!

We’ve also been making our own natural deodorant with essential oils, that really works, even in the Florida heat! Some of the blends that I mentioned (or even peppermint oil) I like to keep already pre-diluted with fractionated coconut oil in these roller bottles for super easy application throughout the day as well.An essential oil medicine cabinet makeover, for natural healthy alternatives without the side effects!

I hope this helps you clean up and clean out while your have your own medicine cabinet makeover, knowing there is an easy and healthy alternative to taking care of yourself and your kiddos! There are definitely so many more oils and options as well, but it’s simple to choose a few and start there taking your time to learn about each one. I wanted to make it easy for you and hopefully sharing what we use and what we do in our own home will help. 

Please, feel free to share your natural remedies in the comments, I’m sure there are so many that I didn’t share here in this post!


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