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Lately we’ve been on a fitness journey that takes on quite a few different looks, literally. Some of our favorite types of exercise is just what keeps us constantly moving. With our trip to the Smoky Mountains, we hit the trails and explored daily. When we’re home, we swim in the ocean or do laps in the pool… and speaking of home, we just moved two weekends ago (how it’s already been that long I don’t even know!), which means lots of lifting, carrying and unloading all on repeat. And recently, I started working out with fitness and nutrition coach Becky Fox of Fox Fitness (which has been incredible… and fun!) So basically, I feel like I haven’t stopped moving in a few weeks, which is a good thing! And also, it means that sometimes I get to treat sore and tired muscles. A friend recently asked what oils could help with relieving muscle pain, so I thought I would share with you all how I take care of all those aches, pains (though I think a good workout can give the best kind of pain! haha) and headaches the natural way…Tabitha Blue of Fresh Mommy Blog shares her top essential oils to relieve muscle aches and pains!

Birch Essential Oil is one of the top oils for pain relief. It’s more of a rare oil that contains 99% methyl salicylate, which has a cortisone-like quality as it reduces discomfort in the muscles, bones, and joints. Birch has often been referred to as nature’s aspirin since salicylate is one of the active compounds in aspirin and relieves pain usually on contact. Since Birch oil is analgesic, anti spasmodic, anti rheumatic, and anti arthritic, it can also be used on pains related to arthritis, rheumatism, cramps, and tendinitis. Side note: don’t use on anyone allergic to aspirin or epileptic!

White Fir Essential Oil is also analgesic and anti-arthritic and is one of my favorite essential oils for tense muscles. It’s the perfect after-workout oil, mixed with a carrier oil and rubbed into sore muscles.

Frankincense Essential Oil is actually the most powerful anti inflammatory oil, making it great for pains and migraines, especially when associated with inflammation and arthritis. Top essential oils for pain relief from Tabitha Blue of Fresh Mommy Blog

Rosemary Essential Oil is quickly becoming one of my favorite, go-to essential oils (I take turns with each being a fave I think). Really though, we’ve been using this one to relieve the “itches” from bug bites, to clear sinuses and there are just so many more benefits. Because this oil is analgesic and antispasmodic, it’s great for muscle sprains, joint pains and muscle spasms. I’ve found that it’s worked incredibly well for headaches too! Just mix a couple of drops with a carrier oil and rub where it hurts. 

Eucalyptus Essential Oil is great added to a hot bath to relive muscle aches, pain and tension and also to help give relief from sinus congestion. If you can’t make it to a bath, add a drop or two in some carrier oil to massage on sore muscles. Eucalyptus is anti-inflammatory and has some analgesic properties, it’s great for pains, strains, sprains and even nerve pain.

Lavender Oil is calming and relaxing for your body as well as your muscles. This is a great oil to use in conjunction with the oils mentioned above (especially in a hot bath) to ensure a good nights sleep and recovery.

If you want to really get creative, you can even create your own holistic version of Icy Hot with Clove Essential Oil, Peppermint Oil and a carrier oil, like coconut oil. Clove Essential Oil is a warming oil, with analgesic and anti inflammatory properties, while one of it’s main constituents, Eugenol also has anesthetic properties that will numb the area and help with pain for short term. Peppermint Essential Oil is a cooling oil, as well as being a counter stimulant that helps to overrides the sensation of the pain. Just make sure to use your carrier oil so that you don’t irritate your skin with these heating and cooling oils. 

Any of these oils would be a great addition to your natural and holistic first-aid kit! You really don’t need to invest in all of these oils for pain relief, and there are so many more benefits and uses for each oil, but it’s amazing how each can work in so many ways and alleviate pain from your body. You can use the oils about 2-4 times a day on sore muscles and pain depending of the intensity of the pain you’re feeling, and you should experience relief naturally. Again, make sure to dilute with a carrier oil before applying to your skin so that you don’t experience any kind of skin irritation… the goal here is pain relief, not anything else!

Always remember that not all oils are the same when it comes to quality. It’s wise to do your own homework to make sure that when you’re investing in oils they are all-natural, pesticide free, therapeutic grade oils and that the company stands behind the internal use of their essential oils.

Hope this has helped you and any sore muscles you might have! If you’re an oil user, I’d love to hear if there are oils you like to use for pain management that I may have missed, let me know in the comments! 🙂


Tabitha Blue

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