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We’re less than two weeks away from Father’s Day you guys!! Thankfully, I’ve got the father of my children all taken care of. We’ve both been on a fitness journey lately, and he’s been even more committed than I have been! I have to say, I’m proud of him. If you follow along on some of our social media channels, you may have seen his burpee tour of NYC, or our recent hikes through the mountains… or even my kickboxing challenges. Neither of us are experts or accomplished in this area, and we probably will never be, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have a story. We’ve found some things that work well for us! With fitness gear and apps more popular than ever now to track your steps, movements, heart rate, etc, we’ve totally found one that is a perfect fit for the wide range of activities we’re into!
TomTom Multi-Sport GPS watch for fitness

One of the biggest things we’ve learned in our fitness path is to track what you’re doing. Whether it’s your workout or your eating habits, it’s hard to see where you’ve come from when you don’t record it somehow, somewhere. My husband is really loving the TomTom Multi-Sport watch functions for his interval training, because you can set your times for work, rest, sets and cool down and keeps him on track, and because it’s waterproof, he is always using the swim function to track his laps.TomTom Multi-Sport GPS watch is waterproof to track swim laps and heartrate TomTom Multi-Sport GPS watch is waterproof to track swim laps and heartrate

We haven’t found a better way to see distance, time, pace, speed and calories burnt at a glance, track it on our favorite fitness apps (like Endomondo), race ourselves based off of previous performances AND monitor heart rate (without the pain of a chest strap). So if you’ve got a fitness techy on your hands, it’s the perfect sleek little gift!TomTom Multi-Sport GPS watch TomTom Multi-Sport GPS watchOf course, many dads in our lives may love the lush greens of the golf course even more than they love the sweat of feet hitting the pavement, and we’ve got a gift that will keep the awesome dad in your life swinging for the goal… or shall I say green. We’ve teamed up with TomTom to gift one of you a TomTom Golfer GPS watch just in time for Father’s Day! It’s the easiest way to help dad improve his game, with updates on his favorite courses, precise yardages to front, center and back of green and hazards along the way. Plus, he’ll be able to keep track of all of his stats as well in this sleek and durable design for golfers. 

Ready to win one for yourself or for that special dad for Father’s Day?TomTom Golfer GPS watch

Our fitness plans and goals are pretty simple… we’re going to stay consistent with it! We’ll be sharing more of our journey in the weeks and months to come I’m sure, and I’d love to hear your best tips for staying active and healthy! Help a girl out 😉


Tabitha Blue

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