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As the weather gets colder and the days get shorter, it seems colds and flus like to rear their ugly head. Use these essential oil blends to boost your mood and moisturize your skin, stimulate your immune system and fight off infection, clean your home and freshen the air you breathe… and today I’m sharing some winter essential oil blends to keep your home going strong all season long.
WinterOILs - Top Essential Oils Blends for a Healthy Winter by popular Florida lifestyle blogger Fresh Mommy Blog


Vapor Rub – Make your own chest rub for those icky colds. Add some drops of Eucalyptus and Peppermint oil to coconut oil and rub on chest and the bottom of feet to break up that cold. Use Lavender oil for runny noses as well.

Soothe Sore Throat and DetoxLemon oil is proven to detox and cleanse on a cellular level. Add a few drops to water to stay cleansed and hydrated, and in warm water to soothe an achy throat.

Hand Sanitizer – Shield Oil is probably my favorite one of all… to use for almost everything. The scent is great, and with Cinnamon and Clove in the mix, it’s a very Christmas-y scent that I like to diffuse in the house. But the main function of this oil is an immune support and sanitizer. 

Fever Reducer and Tension Relief – For those tough-to-break fevers, or a headache that needs to be kicked to the curb, try Peppermint oil. Rub a little on the temples for tension relief (NOT too close to eyes!) or on the bottom of feet to reduce a fever. Another helpful tip? Have a stomach ache, rub a little clockwise on your belly or add a few drops to water for everything from nausea to digestion issues.

Pillow Spray – We can all use a good sleep, especially around the holidays, so spray a little Calming Oil on your pillows for a restful night.

Moisturizer – Lavender is a natural skin healer and moisturizer, mix with coconut oil for an after bath/shower intense moisturizer! 

Chest Congestion and Cough Relief – Along with Eucalyptus like we mentioned before, Lime Oil helps boost the immune system to fight off colds and other respiratory ailments and can also help to cool fevers.

Anti-Viral – While Shield Oil is a potent blend to protect and boost the immune system, Oregano Oil is one of the most potent essential oils on the market, with high anti-microbial properties. Though it’s has a strong scent, it does blend well with carrier or other essential oils.

Surface Spray – Keep a natural sanitizer for surfaces close by, especially during cold and flu season! 

Stomach Soother – Keep stomach aches at bay with both Peppermint Oil and Ginger Oil.

I’ve long been a fan and user of essential oils. For years, I used oils as after-bath massage lotions on my kids, as a natural defense before I’d send them out the door and as healthy remedies for ailments of all kinds. A little over three years ago, we moved to Florida, and along with the move, I canceled any regular orders for oils and decided to live off of my saved-up stash for awhile… and I did. That is until the oils began to run out, and then I didn’t want to order new oils at full price, so I just kept waiting, and researching, and putting it off until “later”. Lately though, I’ve really wanted to replenish our stockpile of germ fighting and immune boosting essential oils (since I’ve pretty much been depleted for awhile, especially of our favorites) and add them back into a routine of everyday use, although I didn’t want to go back to the high price tag associated with the company I was using before. I truly believe that essential oils are nature’s pharmaceuticals, and when they are of a HIGH quality, I feel completely comfortable slathering them on my kids and myself, and even ingesting them… but keeping them affordable was important to me as well. I’ve found that having an arsenal of at-home remedies at the ready for when my family needs it is empowering, and I wanted to have that again.

After more research, and with the help of my mom, I stumbled across Spark Naturals… whose oils are Certified Pure Pharmagrade (CPPG), 100% steam distilled and cold pressed. All of that means their oils are of a very HIGH and ingestible quality, same as a couple of the companies I’ve used before, but their price point couldn’t be beat. Another plus is that there are no minimums or monthly auto-ship orders that have to be fulfilled. You can become a member, or just order with discount code FreshMommy for 10% off any order!

What about you, are you a user of essential oils? What are your favorite go-to essential oil blends?




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