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Kitchen Pantry Organization - Fresh Mommy Blog

So, along with our short week of daddy being away from home, a couple of trips to the doctor with sick littles and my own weekly (did you hear that, I’m down to the weekly check ups now!) appointment for the bunny, we’ve been happily cleaning our way through the house. And by happily cleaning, I mean, mama is cleaning and sorting and making about 100 more lists than normal, which brings our weekly total of lists to 5100 including the one Brayden asked me to jot down in the store for him to cross off with line items like Be nice to Aliyah and Give mommy a hug. As for the rest of the family, well, they’re obliging and usually very helpful. Like the time last week Chris and I had the most adorable little helper stroll through the kitchen section of Ikea as we stocked up on jars and bins, and the moments Chris walks out of the room with a incredulously proud (and totally handsome) smile after he’s taken charge and accomplished a few to-do’ s of his own… things a 36 week preggo woman can’t do like move a piece of furniture or retrieve stored baby items from the attic.

But back to the kitchen storage containers, jars and bins.

Have I mentioned that organization makes my heart swoon? Because, it does.

Kitchen Pantry Organization - Fresh Mommy Blog

We recently sprinkled our kitchen pantry cabinet with a little more swoon-worthiness.

It wasn’t too long ago that my mother was in town and we hit up Home Depot for a couple of wood planks… just because I was tired of cans and boxes and other miscellaneous items getting all topsy-turvey on the wire shelves. For us, this was a quick and perfect solution, no cutting or installing necessary, just slide on top of the wire shelf and done! It’s a solution that works well for us since right now we’re renting our place and didn’t want to do anything too permanent, and these are perfect for me to re-use at a later time.
For the jars, a few of them we already had on hand, I just wanted to take our main staples and make them easily accessible, sorted and well, pretty… so our venture began. At first we hit up a couple of dollar stores with no luck, and after searching a bit online, these seemed to be one of the more cost effective, and yet still sealable and aesthetically pleasing options around. While there, we also picked up a few white bins to keep some extra items together that could be grouped, like Penelope’s stuff, sauces and drinks like our tea and cocoa mixes, etc.

Together we dumped and sorted, wiped down and stacked up, arranged and laughed until we had our way with the shelves… and I had yet another list of all the jars that needed labeling.

After printing on sheets of sticker paper, I just cut them out and added to the jars!

labels pic
And now for the FREE editable photoshop files so you can customize them for your own pantry… Click here to download the large labels, and here to download the small labels. (You can edit in both Photoshop and Elements.)

Kitchen Pantry Organization - Fresh Mommy Blog

I couldn’t be happier with another space in our home dusted with shiny, sparkly, spruced up fairy dust. And with it being so family-friendly, our kids know exactly where things are and where things go… over a week later and it still looks like this!

Happy sorting.