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customized my coffee using Folgers®, as part of a sponsored post for Socialstars #MyIcedCafe

Our house is a mess. It’s in the ugly stage of move-in, you know where every single room is half unpacked, and the few toys the kids to play with are spread somewhere in between the packed boxes they’re using as forts. We moved this weekend, and since we were staying in the same city and with the help of some great friends, it was fairly painless and simple. Now comes the fun work or re-organizing, sorting and decorating. One thing I will say, having an essentials box that stays close by on move day is the best advice I’ve found! (Not that I’m a professional, but I’m getting close after 3 moves in the last four years!) You don’t want to find yourself in a new place and not able to find your essentials. The next time you find yourself facing a move, try this box of first-day move in essentials to keep you sane, sorted and taken care of on moving day!The Move-In Box of Essentials

+ Toilet paper because, necessities.

+ Good clean sheets, a few pillows and a big cozy throw or your bedding. My mom always said that when unpacking, get the beds done first, that way whenever you need to pass out, you can do it without falling onto the floor in an ugly mess. The kitchen and the rest of the house? That can totally happen anytime.

+ And a shower curtain. Although toting a shower curtain in your first-night box of essentials can be a pain, everyone will want to take a shower, and taking one without a curtain is even more of a pain.

+ Fluffy towels, delicious body wash + lotion will feel like a treat after a day spent lugging boxes, hanging photos and building furniture.

+ Matches and candles. Mood lighting is the best, but a strange smell isn’t. Make your new home feel like home right away with your favorite scent. Another option is an essential oil diffuser, where you can scent and cleanse the air at the same time!

+ Pens and a notebook for lists! Unpacking in a new space will totally make you want to write lists. Shopping lists, grocery lists, to-do lists, honey-do lists, etc.

+ Plates, cups, utensils, napkins, and a blanket for the first-night picnic. It’s basically like a date night in the park, but with candlelight on your new floor, it’s pretty much just awesome.

+ Coffee for you and bottle for baby. You’re not going to want to dig through boxes to find coffee beans, your grinder, coffee pot or french press, etc, so for a quick and easy coffee fix, just throw a Folgers® Iced Café concentrate in the bag with your laptop and electronics and paired with the milk you’ll have picked up for your little one’s bottle, you’ll be drinking a glass of iced coffee in no time! You’ll have the same aroma and taste from mountain grown beans, but with the ease of a couple quick squirts mixed into your milk and ice (I like using almond milk with the hazelnut Iced Café concentrate, but you can totally customize your own!). For updates and specials, make sure to follow Folgers® on Twitter and Facebook!Folgers® Iced Café

+ Garbage bags.

+ Electronics, like your laptop, iPad and all of your computer and phone chargers. Really, how else are you going to binge-watch The Bachelorette while you’re waiting for your DirectTV to get turned on?

+ Basic cleaning supplies, you don’t need too much, but some disinfectant wipes or your own cleaning spray, paper towel, dish and hand soap will get you through. Oh and 

+ Bottled water. Moving is hard work, hydration is key.

+ Cordless drill or a small tool kit, utility knife, and a first aid kit. Things happen, and we need all of these essentials on hand. 

Folgers® Iced Café

Of course, when we moved cross-country a couple of years ago, we had suitcases with our clothes, etc. If you aren’t moving very far, you probably won’t need that separated, but if you don’t think you’ll get to unpacking (or finding) any of your closet, you can add in an outfit, pajamas and underwear into your overnight box! And remember to keep it close, you’ll need some of these essentials right away. 

So how about you? Have you moved lately? We’d love to hear what essentials I may have missed or what you like to keep close to you on moving day. Let us know in the comments below! (And if you’re a subscriber, you can just reply to this email and your comment will post right away).


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